Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leaf-Olympics: Day 6--Giving the Brush Off!

Another batch of leaves was painted today. Trying to finish off the supply of small leaves so I can move onto the next size up, as the tree is calling for. I experimented with different ways of painting the veining today.

First, on a few of the larger-sized leaves, I tried out a liner brush, with extra long bristles, in pale green (lower left.) It shows up as "painted" but I don't mind that for this project. Hand-crafted trumps realism in Halfland. But the best method so far, of course discovered at this middle stage, was one of Paul's super Bienfang watercolor brush pens. I stole* (borrowed, I mean borrowed, hi honey!) one of his never been used sap green, self-wicking brush nib on a refillable ink reservoir with controlled ink delivery. Quick brushed on a quick veining and then washed it back with a large, moist, empty brush to blend in the color (lower right). The dark green ink settles into the embossed channels nicely. This technique provided the quickest and most pleasing leaves to date. I plan to execute the rest of the leaves in this way.

Can. Not. Wait. to glue these leaves on--I see so many perfect spots that NEED to have a cluster growing, it's all I can do to move now to my graphic work that is due.

I'll squeeze it in at every spare moment.

*Don't you all agree that ANY item of art supply, if left unopened and completely UNUSED for a period over 6 months, is FAIR GAME for stealing by werking artist in the same house?! I do. Be warned.


  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hey! Has anyone seen my Bienfang green watercolor brush. I have been saving it up to use today? PK

  2. Whistling.

    And the dishes are undone too!!!

  3. Has anyone seen my "...."

    I know the feeling always stealing from Crafty Family!

  4. Oh, I'd love to know a little more about your family, Ben.

  5. augh! i can't do it. why do you think i want my own pincushion? :)

  6. Can't do what, babycakes?

  7. Arrrrrrr, I know, you mean borrow/steal Svan's pin cushion!! Got it!

    Would you mind it being heart-shaped or other, similarly simple shaped? That star was harder than I thought!

  8. I got it. I just figured out a perfect cushion for you, gl!

  9. keep on keepin on Herself!

    Im out here cheerin!


  10. Justin, do you have any idea how much that matters and what a difference that support makes? Huge.

    Thank you.

  11. leave on!!! (isn't that a elton john song?)

    all's fair in love and war (and stop mo creation). we're very communistic with our art supplies around here, which means it's all fair game....if you can find it!

    kiss your sweet little burned finger tips for me shelley, you're doing a great job!


  12. Shelley, everything's looking incredible! Truly beautiful! I love that you love the painterly look of the leaves, hand-crafted trumps realism, hoorah!
    In our house, I'm the thief, the Lady mostly dabbles in jewelry and video editing so has no need for my paints and plasters and clays and scraps....I constantly raid her supplies for bits though...beads come in handy for all sorts of things :)
    I also have a habit of turning plates into palettes and clothing into painting rags :D But ONLY in the name of its ok...

  13. Thanks you guys!!

    Raid in the Name of Art!!!

  14. Did I just hear "Raiders of the Lost Art?"

  15. Wah wah wahhhhhh! Good one, Svens.


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