Friday, August 31, 2007

Nu Yanu

Meet the Nu Yanu. He's elongated in the legs with new modesty shadow, and stained black from the ribs down. I realized he's always running through the tree canopy or crouching on tree branches. It will be an easy feat to keep his nethers shrouded in constant shadiness. He's also trying on Luna-like moth wings, something in more subtle, moon-like coloration.

IN OTHER NEWS: Downstairs Clare did heroic 1/2Landian work today and cut all the stacks of cedar shims I bought down into cottage roof shingles with his radical radial saw. I had him come up and see the tree and consult on how my lumber layout for the cottage roof was shaping up to his expert set-builder eyes. He said it seemed fine and thought it would work. Silence after that, so I'm on my own with it.

I tried my caveman measurements for the angles of the roof beams to meet at the peak with compound cuts but it is not working, no matter how many angles I try. Too many calculations for me. I thought of instead sculpting a kind of gazebo topper out of aluminum gutter mesh that the beams could slot into securely. This would allow roof panel sections to come apart as much or as little as I'd need for filming. The metal could be covered in papier mache and finished to look like wood, topped with shingles and moss, however I'd care to.

Thinking about it. Staining the box of raw, great smelling cedar wood shingles tomorrow.


  1. Cool

    I think I prefer Yanus old Wings!

  2. Ok, that's one for old wings... thanks, Ben!

    The cool thing about the old Atlas moth wings is that they have transparent windows in them which could be awful fun to shoot a sequence through! Woo!

    The new Luna wings are in a softer palette and less earthy.

  3. But arnt the old wings in Yanus Pallete?

  4. Yes, paying very good attention, Ben. A pale yellow with tinge of moon beam green would also do well for this character and not conflict with any other.

    And remember we can make our wings in any shape or color with no mind of real moth markings, it's our world we create here. I'm just sketching different ideas to see what fits best.

  5. Well, I LOVE the new wings, Shell!!!
    I guess he'd be a better hunter with his old pair, since they provide him with a better earthy camouflage. But who cares as his new wings make him O so more Dreamy and his prey will just melt at his feet! Plus - what an eye candy he''ll be on your Halfland set.
    So I say - go for the new ones!!!

    I'll look for a pic of my barrel...

  6. cool shelley.

    i like both wings, i don't think you can go wrong.

    my attention is drawn to his moth manhood...maybe cuz it's so dark? it makes me wonder if, now that he's in the shadows, his genitals might blend better (be less distracting) in skin color?

  7. Thanks Hila Bila!

    I see what you mean, Shel. The moth bits won't actually appear blackened as I made them on this sketch, they'll still have moth body colors, including the orange red flanges. It's just to suggest that they not be so *on display* and rather be kept modestly mostly in shadow.

    Believe me everyone, when filmed, his pieces won't be an issue or distraction. I just needed to work out what they looked liked for myself. Now I know. They're made of downy moth.


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