Friday, August 10, 2007

Leaf-Olympics: Day 9--As Leafy As I Wanna Be

Side view early this morning before the cut down leaves were added. Final placement shots coming tomorrow.

Nick H suggested I try to find a way to cut down the jumbo leaves into smaller sizes. I painted up a bunch and then figured out how to make the largest into faux small clusters. (top) I kept adding single leaves, snipping off threes into twos, cutting down jumbos into faux clusters, and repositioning leaves today. About half the acorns are capped.
Friend and appreciated Halfland supporter, Gretchin Lair's Birthdayplaooza rages on with the introduction of "SQUEEEE!" (of the Portland SQUEEES), her very OWN pin cushion (as soon as I've topped her with every color thread, needles, pins, and other sewing notions) made of knit glove, wool felted features, and cut up felt balls (some of the very ones Hila sent me all the way from Israel!) She'll be on her way to you soon, gl! Happy stitching! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. wow! i wasn't expecting my own shelley-glove pincushion! i will act surprised when i get it in the mail. ;) thank you, shelley!

  2. Oh man Gretchin - you WILL be surprised! However much you try to prepare, you can't be ready for an actually Shelly Noble Pincusion!!!! They're just INSANE!!! Everything you'll ever need (for ANYTHING) is there - I don't know how she does it!!! Welcome to the Pincusion club!

    ... And Shelly, excellent job on *pruning* down those leaves! ;)

  3. Dont let those Leaves get out of Control!

  4. heh heh.

    Thanks Mike, "pruned" a bunch more today.

    Don't worry Benben, I'm walking a razor edge between wimpy can't-work-that-hard sparse leaves and radical lost-my-mind foliage folly!


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