Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey, Neat!

A brief pause in the action to clean a far gone, shamefully neglected studio before guests (people you know! or should!) stop by this weekend. I meant to take a couple hours this morning just to "straighten up" but it just kept going and going until dusk.

The shop doesn't look revolutionize-ing-ly more organized or ordered but things are put back where they belong and the thick layer of dust and fur that had collected over everything is gone. Yep, clean as a whistle. Why didn't I do this for me? It's so nice to have table tops clear and fresh paper down, weeee.

I took care of a few things that had been left hanging for, oh... YEARS! I had been meaning to take my most precious reference sheets, filled with an irreplaceable collection of inspiring visuals for all aspects of the film, and hang them rug shop style so I could reference them easily. I made giant jump rings out of iron wire and looped them onto the sides of my handy-for-sculptures baker's rack. Character references on the left, set design on the right (above). I can clip them off and hang them on a rope line while working out a specific detail. Done.

Ready for my artist friends, can't wait to see what they might be interested in looking at!

The Leaf Olympics resume tomorrow! (I swear I fell asleep last night dreaming about applying more luscious leaves!)


  1. oh my god! it's like what going to disneyland felt like when i was 10!!! fur or no, we are soooo excited.

  2. Omg I sooo Envy your Studio, so much room and technologies!

    And on your Previous Post:

    I had never thought of the ear canal and Shel I'll email you a extremely interesting piece of folklore tommorow!

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Guess what I got in the mail today?

    A Halfland button!

    Thanks, Shelley!! I even saved the bag it came in. You did a really nice job on everything.

  4. Got mine too! Another beaut!


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