Monday, July 30, 2007

Leaf-Olympics: Day 4--Sprout It Out!

The greenery is starting to show up on the tree in photos now. It's eery in person around here. It is as though a real tree is starting to develop its leaves. You may spot one of my special companions sitting in her chosen designated spot in Halfland. Who wouldn't want to get down to work with that kind of support!?

A big batch of leaves were painted and applied to the Answer Tree today. Hopefully if I keep going this way, at some point the tree will look naturally, fully crowned. (view from top of ladder on right.)

One of the huge benefits of having a project blog like this one is that the journaling of progress photos provides much more of an objective take on what's being built. Par exemple (that's franche): A few weeks ago, when I mocked up some of the furniture and props for the kitchen interior, the next day I noticed in the posted picture that the little table was not a good scale for the stand-in puppet. This was an example of a detail that I never would have caught in person, without seeing it in context via Notes. I bought additional wooden shapes and hot-glued them onto the bottom of the existing legs to raise the table height to a good size. I may paint them as shown above.


  1. Sprouting Magic over there!


  2. I see Rana booty! Honestly, I didn't think she was the kind of goat-woman who walked around completely undressed with no drapes on the windows!!! What will the cats think?

  3. Thanks Guys!

    Mike: Tha tho funny. I should dress the stand-in but somehow the in-progress shots fit with nudity. *blush*


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