Monday, July 02, 2007

They're Here!

Halfland's NEW Limited Edition, Highly Collectible, Memorabilia Buttons have arrived!
Final button art on left, the Pink Snail character lumbers along in evening light, illuminated by its swaying porch lantern. Photo of actual buttons (shot in the dark, no, really, not a euphemism) on right. They are so cute in person! Love these!

Button #2 just in today for 2007. Made for me by the lovely Miss Kate Black of Brooklyn. I love having her involved because she works swiftly with a generous attitude and as it says on her card, she makes everything with love. If you read this blog, I'd love to include you with a NEW button as a gift. To get one, if you haven't already, email a mailing address (kept private absolutely) to nobledesign[at]sbcglobal[dot]net.

PRODUCT TIP: Fast Mountains
Also new to me, a set building material by Rose Brand called Brusan Molding Cloth. It's cloth covered flexible aluminum sheeting that can be shaped endlessly for all your landscaping needs.

"innovative, and re-usable fabric coated aluminum core bends and molds easily and holds its shape to make fabulous texture forms. The Natural Canvas is ready for painting, and comes single-sided or double-sided for versatility. An incredible time saver in the shop or on site."

"Think of all the years spent with chicken wire, paper mache, and glue-soaked muslin, and you'll realize just how terrific this product really is. Available in natural, sand, stone, and flocked snow, the molding cloth can save hours and hours of time for scenics at all levels of theatre."

x-pensive tho, priced from $261 for single-sided canvas for a 10 yard roll (don't see how wide.) This girl'll be sticking to free cardboard, newspaper clumps, and starch papier mache. But still, nice to know about it.


  1. X-)
    Cool Badges Shel, Will you be sending them out Soon?, And that Product looks Cool but way way out of my Price Range!

  2. Hi Ben, I gotta order the packaging I want and get print outs of the tags, but then, whoosh, a highly collectible, memorbilia, limited edition Halfland button will be winding its way to your house!

  3. Hey and Shel, Did you know you could actually see my house on Google Earth!, Just enther my Postcode!!

  4. Wow, that aluminum-backed fabric is a nice find! Out of my price range, too -- but I love the look. :-)

  5. I think it's a 57" wide roll, Sven. 10 yards is an awful lotta mountain, if you needed it!

    Something to keep in mind if you are ever in charge of a major production, you know, like by next Tuesday the way you are going!

  6. Yep, great find but too pricey....could be made cheaper somehow maybe, with regular ole foil and some kind of material?

    Everything is looking gorgeous Shelley!

    Can't wait to get my new button!

  7. Hi Ubbie!! Thanks!! Ray ray ray!


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