Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stepping Right Along

Testing out the quite marvy photo deal called Pictobrowser (found via Maggie Mason's blog). It's elegant and free (aren't we all?) you just use Flickr to upload instead of Blogger. Sweet. We'll see. I don't see how to make it fit this template, for example.

Another full day on the 'ol project. Loving it! Got the step tiles painted, placed, stuck on, then fully grouted. Next step is to mask them off when dry in the morning and proceed to slather the last of the FlexAll bark all over this mugumbowwwww. Wee haw.

Then comes a paintin'
Then comes hardwood floor layin'
Baseboards next

(sigh... reads like a Haiku don-nit?)

Oh, and (crow woman) Tarn's face will have no chin!

And (moth man) Yanu will be smaller than I thought!

And I learned from Googling a GREAT way to make the clouds on the sky scrim... Lookie; cut card stock stencil, use white spray/aerosol paint.


  1. Cool way to paint clouds too!

  2. tree house is coming along so great!
    Looking better every time I visit

  3. Ben! You gotta try it an post the photos to your blog!

    Thanks, Mark, glad I've got something o'r here for you to see!

  4. Oh, I forgot to say that the cloud dude said to hold the stencil away from the background for soft diffuse shapes and then closer for the sharp edges on a cloud's bottom half.

  5. great new technique!


  6. What on earth is this place called Halfland and why am I suddenly so excited.

    Your work looks fantastic!

  7. Dear Rich, Thank you thank you for your kind compliment and for the hands-down funniest comment to date yet on this blog!

    "What on earth is this place called Halfland and why am I suddenly so excited. "

    I literally laughed outloud (Not just LOL, which has lost much of it's meaning due to overuse.)

    I'm so glad you stopped by.

    I love your blog! Your tutorial on latex puppet building was inspiring--I feel like I could do it that way. And the tip about using cloth wipes for reinforcement is brill.

    Thanks for putting that up. One thing though, I can't get your clips to play on my Mac?! Maybe it's an Aussie to US issue? I really wanted to see the fairy wing test!


  8. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Oh yeah, us Aussies, we're such larrikins.

    You're right, there's nothing worse than someone typing LOL after a rye smile. Defeats the purpose.

    I really like your blog too. It's great to meet another filmmaker out here on blogger. I love the concept for you film too. The set looks marlvelous. Although, for stop-motion puppets you could think about using Soft Translucent Silicon (Soft Trans) puppets. It's more expensive, but it's also the absolute best material for stuff like this. It's what they used for the main bodies in movie Chicken Run.

    I re-load my old faulty video for you. I hope it's the one you wanted to see? If not, let me know, it's a good excuse to fix some of my broken links.

  9. Thanks, Larrikin Rich! Yes! That was the one I wanted to see, the fairy wings ARE lovely, well done!

    Soft Translucent Silicon, fantastic suggestion, thank you. I used the blue silicone to make the Time Frog pupp's mould. I could try the other stuff for a pupp cast, why not?!

    It's possible that Soft Translucent Silicon wasn't even available when I started this project, of course, neither was the Internet!

    I want to use different methods for different pupps, translucent flexible silli would be the best for those that have a lot of skin showing, like the moth man. I'll check it out.

    Thanks again :-) LOL

  10. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Shelly..your Set are awsome! Your progress has come along so well it is exciting to see:) Great cloud tip too, thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks so much, Chris! Send photos of your clouds!


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