Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Holy Molé, it was all shades of choco sauces here in Halfland today, cinnamon, milk, and dark batches kept being mixed and applied. You might say it was a factory, a chocolate... never-mind.

I plowed on and managed to give the entire tree a coating of melted chocolate-like paint. I looked at a real similar species of log in the shop and many reference photos and saw that the undermost base coat of color should be quite dark, nearly black/brown. There should be some warm red tones in spots where bark will have been rubbed off, and much of the top surface should be an aged, dusty taupe.

The tree looks fantastic in person, already at this stage. The texture *almost* fools the eye though most of the paint illusion hasn't yet been fabricated as much as it will. The spaces between the roots will be filled with dirt, leaves, stones, grasses, and mosses, as will satellite landscape sets.

It already looks better than I'd imagined. I'm having such a great time working on it, even with a smashed finger and sore painter's cramp arm. It's a giant cement tree in the middle of my house!? How weird is that?! At least it matches our floors, heh.


  1. Ever feel a bit like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters? Just caught it again last night, I love the part where he's tearing out shrubs all around the house and throwing them in through the kitchen window to build his Devil's Tower replica. Maybe you were abducted by aliens from Halfland??!!

    Hey, it would explain a lot....


  2. This blog moves awfully fast... but hey, the tree looks great!

  3. Dood, You must know perfectly well that I'm building my mashed potato mountain everydernday! I mention it all the time! Or, I meant to...

  4. Its been a TreeeMendus Day in Halfland!, The Tree looks Brill!!

  5. Whoa. I was getting potato mountain vibes too.

    It's amazing, Shells, after all this time, to see the tree movin' on to the next stage, getting a coat of paint. Progress, fer realz!!

  6. Maybe all art is a kind of madness? Discuss.

  7. Double WOW! all that hard work.......and extra detail Shining through!


  8. Yes, art is madness, absolutely.

    But then, I look at the world around me, and I'm not sure I can point to anything "sane." Architects, grocers, mathematicians, politicians, gas pumpers, airplane pilots, zoologists, and tile-layers... The whole durn'd species is off its rocker and rolling around on the floor wearing funny hats.

    So be nice.

  9. Thanks for the support, Justin.

    Hey, Sven, The "so be nice" means I'm not? I guess I'm not then. Just not. No plans to be either. You, however, are nice. I can vouch for that.

  10. Oh, nono! Not a criticism, but rather a general directive for the world at large: If all is madness... Then at least try to be kind.

    And from what I've seen, you do quite well at that.


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