Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let Leaf Day Launch

Started painting the smallest of the silk leaf undersides and plastic veins today.

A possible winning method consisted of first covering the table surface with masking tape, sticky side UP. I pressed down the leaves onto the tape, spaced as closely together as possible, and essentially re-painted what the poor political prisoners in China had already made nicely in light shades of terra cotta and green. Then I peeled them up and flipped them over to essentially re-paint the topsides, in several shades of happy, spring-fresh greens, that the neo-emerging labor classes of the next-global megagloboulos empire had already made so pretty and realistic when I bought them from Michael's craft supply shop.

I'll know more when I get more deeply into the painting process tomorrow, but the tape should help keep the top and bottoms cleaner by holding the edges flat against the table. On the test leaves a few weeks ago, I kept inadvertently having the wrong colors seeping on to the wrong sides when holding them up for a slap dash paint job.

After these leaves are painted on both sides, I'll be attaching each stem to the finished tree trunk with a dollop of hot-glue. This shiny bump will be later covered up with a pinch of tinted flexible cement to grip the stem more tightly and blend the surface textures of plastic stems and woody branches together.

Embarking on something new here in Halfland. Woodn't want to leaf anything out. Ok, I'll stop.


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Sticky tape sounds like a good idea for holding down while painting the first side of the leaves... but maybe too risky to turn over and paint the other side? Tape might pull off some of your beautiful paintwork from the first side. I'd test carefully before trying it. I've had to go with plastic for most small leaves, but maybe paint sticks more securely on the silk.
    Good leaf shapes those, haven't found anything quite as good here.
    Looking forward to the crowning glory.
    Nick H

  2. Wonderful, Magical, Realistic and Story-Book!

    Well Done!



  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hey Shelley, I would have thought the paint would peel off on the tape as well. But maybe it's absorbed more by the silk *shrugs* I look forward to seeing your results anyway. I'll leaf you alone to work now.

    Psst... *looks up* your first commenter wouldn't happen to be from Melbourne would he?

  5. Yes, Rich, You've found out that the incredibly skilled animator/artist/director, Nick Hilligoss (his web page here), looks in here on occasion. I am so thrilled and honored!

    Leaf report coming shortly...

  6. Anonymous6:42 PM

    An honour indeed :) I know Nick, via his work, intimately. His work on Good Riddance and Bunch of Fives are some of my favs. Not to mention the ever brilliant The Animator. Lucky girl you!

  7. all right, shelley! looking forward to seeing how they'll look on the tree!

  8. Rich, The Animator is my favorite of Nick's films! Love it!

  9. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Leaves !! I am so happy to see your progress and watch your tale blossom!

  10. Thanks so much, Corey! I'm hoping you'll write the ad copy for the movie when it's finished. You have the most magical, romantic way with words that I know.


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