Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mutha' Nature

It's a neat trick to "dry brush" with watered down paint. But that 's just what I did with a 3" feathery-tipped house paint brush. Fantastic.

I can't describe how thrilled I am with how the tree is turning out. It is exceeding my expectations, um, treemendously. I know I'm getting things how I'd want them when it feels as though it's the way nature must make trees Herself. There's a funny groove/pace/place where the results are looking so natural in person that I feel a little, and I say this with total absolute awareness that I am certainly not at all, but it feels a little, dare I say, (god) like. It's satisfying in a way I can't describe. I am having so much fun.

I feel the feelings in my lady gut parts that say, "Hey, why don't you take some Motrin©, put on a heating pad, and lay down for two or three days." I'll work on whatever I can in Halfland, as soon as I can, believe you me. Take good care.

This pass of a watered down mixture of light taupe floor paint, yellow, and burnt sienna acrylics is meant to act as a mid-tone stage. Next will come a "knock-back" of diluted dark brown ink and highlighting with a more pale taupe on the highest texture points.

Bits of progress, this morning I removed all the regular masking tape masks that were protecting the tile details on hearth and stairs, and the chimneys (top images) revealing white borders and peeling up some of the step paint with it. As Halfland would have it, the flat step tiles looked better as natural clay than how I had painted them. Fortunately for time's sake, the hand-painted patterned tiles were left mostly intact. I may re-paint the step tiles again. Either way, I march onward, making whatever happens work for the project. I love the way the chimneys look stained with brown paint! (bottom left) So storybook! Bottom right shows how the hearth and cabinet details are integrating into the tree after being painted in.


  1. it's looking SO good, shelley!

  2. Agree with gl, I love the Chimneys, Looking at the Old pics I wondered why those little Pebbles Where there, Now I Know, I am SOO Having That!

  3. Thank you so much, Gretchin!

    Have at it then, Ben! fyi: You can get little stone/pebbles at florist supply shops by the bag for very little money (5 pounds maybe). They use them for decoration in glass vases and the like. In Halfland, they become scale rocks. Cheers!

  4. looks ALIVE herself!!Very nice.

    cant wait to se it up close.


  5. Hey, isn't it nice to take a little break and go outside and take these nice pics of the trees an stuff? Wow, how did that giant paintbrush get in there??!! Weird!


  6. hey shel,

    you are truly AMAZING!!!!

    ....can't wait till sunday!!


  7. Thanks, Mikeeeeeeee!! I faked the tree in Photoshop! Tee hee!

    Hey, Shel and J, That's next Sunday, the 22nd, right? This Sunday me and the place are a bloody mess!

    See the tree? I gotta set something up so you guys can animate a little something for fun!!! You know, be the first to bring life into Halfland?!

  8. Queen of tree making!

    Just amazing.

  9. Yeah Shel, You could use them as Rocks too!, Gotta Get me some rocks althought I think they are only about £1 for the Small Quantity I need, Ill See!


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