Sunday, July 15, 2007

Make Mine A Double!

Inspired by Rich's comment, a quikie mock up of a sky background just to see more of how the tree might look in its context. Higher res version here inspired by Mike's request.

Don't ask me how I knew to do this... but it came to me this morning to take a scrub brush with straight rubbing alcohol to the tree surface to regain the warm browns and reds of the base color. I used a stiff toothbrush dipped right into the bottle, went at the spots that had too much taupe, and wiped away the excess with a soft towel. It was a remarkable treatment because for some reason the alcohol melted through the acrylics and sumi-e ink just enough to blend them where I wanted and dissolve them by applying a bit more pressure.

It's a back and forth process, but with each attempt I'm gaining an area that rings the bell and looks right.

I should be able to finish up the surface Monday and then begin on the leaves that the tree is only now aching for.

Tree finishing in progress, where the contrast is too high, I knock it down with the alcohol and wipe it back to the brown base color, spray it with black, and add highlights again, repeat.


  1. ... This is just amazing!!!!

    Thank you so much for posting the full-size pics! I can get lost looking at them - I want to climb in this tree!

  2. Thanks so much, Mike! That's an incredible compliment! I'm so pleased! Ray!

  3. Bring on the Spring... or is that Reverse Winter... Either way, I can't wait to see it with the leaves in place.

    How magic does it look with the sky behind it! It's own little world.

  4. Thanks so much, Rich! You're right, it is reverse winter because the leaves are falling back whole onto the branches, but we'll pretend it's spring!

    I'm so glad you gave me the idea to see the tree w/o the room clutter behind it. It was incredibly helpful.

    Thanks, Justggity!

  5. Nick H12:21 AM

    Every tree needs a bit of sky above it to feel at home... I think that's just given it life!

  6. Mr. Nick! What about our wonderful INDOOR trees?! I'd like a roof over there wee heads!

    My heart gave a flutter when I saw you had stopped by. Thank you so much for looking in! Cheers!


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