Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad Ass Work

Late night, peering into my workshop from the house side of things, I noticed a marvelous shadow cast from the Halfland tree set onto the translucent paper panels hung as partitions, blue light shone and shown underneath is from our good friend, computer.

As I thought, it was to be just a brief Halfland moment today.

All I was able to do on Halfland progress was to slather the other side of the test wall panel with a different brand of pre-mixed joint compound that I'd bought ages ago for the purpose. I think I'll be happy with the cottage wall look after the whole thing gets a second or third coat of plaster and then color washed.


Sorry for such dull news when such possible excitement is held at bay behind the wafer thin veneer of the often frustrating time/space continuum.

My hands want to sculpt characters badly (well, that came out sounding wrong) I want to sculpt and build and detail and film and edit so badly. hee.

Maybe one day I'll get my chance. To be bad, (I'm cracking myself up over here) Bad Ass Animation that is!. Yup.


  1. Now THAT is bad ass!! And beautiful. I love these little accidental artworks.... I used to always find that my pallette looked better and far more interesting than the paintings I was attempting.

    I'd love to see this image, or a cropped portion of it, developed into a Halfland poster. Hmmm... I don't suppose you know anyone who does graphics work?...........

  2. Thanks Mikee, my great accomplice in High Crimes.

    Well, I guess I know the image for tonight's blog entry when I get bax from sundry doings.


  3. Beautiful image, can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  4. Well there's a Halfland logo idea. That tree is pretty iconic.
    I love that you saw that and took a picture of it. Very cool.

    I love it when things like that happen - 'Art is all over"
    to steal a phrase from my old printmaking instructor.

    ps thanks for the link


  5. Himself sent me this today from Charity Focus, I thought it was GREAT:

    An artist is not a special kind of a person -- every person is a special kind of an artist.
    --Ananda Coomaraswami

    Too often, thought Chris Pennington, people don't consider what they create to be art because their perceptions of "real art" are limited to what they see in elite museums. So what did he do? Create a film festival, where filmmakers weren't allowed to create their movies with real video cameras. Rather, they used digital cameras and camera-equipped cell phones to create unedited films that last no longer than 10 seconds! His goal was to make anyone with a cheap digi-cam into a short-form auteur, whether they are a soccer mom or a high school student. [ more ]

    Be The Change:
    The World Bank asked 60,000 people living on less than a dollar a day about their biggest hurdle to advancement. It wasn't food, shelter or health care. It was access to a voice. By empowering people to tell their stories, video gives a voice to the voiceless. Video Volunteers is a nonprofit that aims to do just that. Visit their site. [ more ]


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