Friday, July 14, 2006

Ballbusting Balebuste-hood (Yiddish expression, Ballaboosta: excellent homemaker)

Sweet and sour soup with lemon grass and fresh ginger
Grilled butterfly schrimps (yes, they eat shellfish) with spicy cocktail sauce

Main course
Rack of lamb with dijon-mint sauce
Tenderloin of lamb with lemon-yogurt sauce
Grilled mushrooms served on bed of sauteed greens with bruschetta olives/fire-roasted red peppers
Roasted yellow mini potatoes tossed with tarragon, sea salt/olive oil
Fresh herbal green salad with crumbled goat cheese

Lemon bundt cake sprinkled with orange blossom extract
and filled with a scoop each of lemon curd mascarpone cream and lemon sorbet

I've been (and still am) cooking in the kitchen, pre-preparing for dinner tomorrow for seven at seven. But I wanted to let you know that in Halfland I did try applying the joint compound directly onto the Styrofoam last night (at 3 am =:/). It adhered well but the foam slice I was using was too thin. So this morning I glued two pieces together and left them weighted to dry while I ran errands all day. On the previous test panel, I didn't care for how hard it was to fill the mesh of the hardware cloth, even after three coatings I can still make out the mesh square texture. But I did like the heft and sturdy, rugged feel the triple decker cardboard/foam/wire sammich gave.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up going to OSH.


  1. Well you are making my mouth water.

    Diner for Seven at Seven - sounds like a Audrey Hepburn movie or should that be Katharine Hepburn? No definitly Audrey.

  2. Thanks Mark! If Audrey starred in this movie, it would be terribly chic and sophisticated and she wouldn't have made so many flubs as I did. At least I didn't overly stress like I used to. My movie was more like Fiddler on the Roof!!

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