Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pray for Me

The time has come, my good friends, for me to step away from the computer for the next 6 days. I plan (and will be counting the seconds) to return Friday July 7.

I'll be in, gulp, Las Vegas. Not my place in any way. Not relishing driving in traffic in 118 degree bleak desert heat with infirm diabetic and blind, sweet but bickersome, and inexplicably Vegas loving, elderly for 5 days. But hey, there's the fact that the trip has landed along WITH my middleschmurtz, so there's that! Weeeeeeeeee. Pray for me, if you're of a mind to.

Take good care, and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to creating during this, hopefully brief, absence.

What'll I be doing?... Trying my best to have a good attitude.

Cheers! Shelley


  1. Well you could have picked a cooler day to drive to Las Vegas.

    Bring a camera and a tripod, I am not a big fan of Vegas, but they have some interesting lights, which can make for some cool night photography shots.

    Maybe it's not your thing, but I say take the creative opportunities where you find them.

    6 days with no computer - that may be harder.


  2. "there's the fact that the trip has landed along WITH my middleschmurtz, so there's that! Weeeeeeeeee."

    You poor thing...but hey at least all of the horribleness will be over all at once, right? (we men can offer little comfort at times like this...believe you me I know)

    Good luck to you, and try to have a good time in Sin City wherever you can (not my favorite place either, probably in the bottom five of places I'd like to visit, along with prison, a sanitarium, an enema factory, and....lets see....a vomitorium?)

    Halfland will be waiting for your return....


  3. I would just like to second the motion... That Las Vegas is, oh, about ring six-and-a-half in Dante's Inferno. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

    Wherever you go, there will be an angel in the form of an eight-foot diameter peach hovering just over your shoulder. It can't really help cuz, y'know, peaches don't have arms. But they're fuzzy and well-tempered, so hey -- better than nothing.

    Oh, and it's an invisible angelic peach -- so don't go talking to the natives about it.

    Hm. Actually, a lot of the natives probably see it hovering there, even without you mentioning...

    Comfort and safety where every you. --S

  4. Be strong Shelley, and don't give in to the temptations on all sides. I mean, by all means, live it up a little, but know when to say no.

    Did somebody just say something about giant invisible fuzzy fruit?


  5. Thanks You Guys! You all really made me feel better about the whole thing. Really. Hearing that some of you feel as I do about the place gives me tremendous solace somehow.

    I will be bringing the Coolpix and there may be a chance of posting some hilarious stuff of my dear English in-laws whooping it up for their final huzzah in the States whilst we're there. Check back, it'll be worth it!

    I completely "got"and appreciated the angel peach that Sven placed for my trip guardian, and the fact that I do doesn't worry me in the least O:^) It feels good to have the guy along!

    There's nothing in The Vegg that would be temptation for me, unless it's herpes-ridden, red lip-sticked, High-Camp, with a side of Sin, baby!

    Tomorrow is a full-day annual Conference in LA, then we ship out Monday.

  6. I guess I should read your posts a little more carefully; I didn't catch the bit about middleschmurtz (thanks Jeffery)
    So, sorry if my post seemed a little glib. Yeah why don't you run a 10K marathon after all that night photography - Vegas ain't so bad.

    Seriously - feel better soon - Halfland awaits.

  7. Prayers have been said! Hope all is well for you Shelley...


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