Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inked Hollywood Deal (sort of)

So far today I've made actual contact with the stock "needledrop" music company, Megatrax/Play ( and spoke with a schnazzily nice Andrew D. Robbins, Director of their Film/TV Division, who probably found in me his smallest teensiest potato yet.

I told him my plan for Halfland distribution, one intimate art gallery installation and perhaps a currently non-existent Internet site posting/airing and he quoted me a low as he could go fee for each short. The good news is that I won't have to pay until we see what's used in the final edit.

Contracts will be e-flying shortly after which access to their extensive library will be provided to me so I can begin adding the files to the clips as I go along creating (or visa versa.)

I'm positive that this is the music I want for the film, at least for Rana's parts of it {}, even though it is a danger that it's been used commercially and could be again. When you know it, you know it, right?

And now back to work...


  1. Get down like James Brown! Boogie Oogie Oogie till you just can't Boogie no more. Shelley, did I ever tell you, you're my disco inferno!

  2. That's the way, uh huh....huh? You nut bar. XD

  3. Oh, I get it, burn, baby, burn? Well then.

    I do actually have a mirrored ball in the studio in my water illusion kit for when filming underwater Kyra scenes. IF I CAN BLOODY WELL EVER GET TO ANY WORK ON MY LITTLE ENDEAVOR!@!!! AFDSHTEXE GHGVC^Z$^&Z#%#W@

    Rents are home in UK and snug as bugs and now the hold-up?... don't even ask.

  4. rock ON, shelley! that's the way to hunt it down & make it happen! :D

  5. Thanks Gretchinmeister, The contract just arrived and I'll be faxing it in by Monday, then it's all the music in universe at fingertips. Oh boy! s


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