Monday, July 10, 2006


Two sweet Brits, our honored guests from the UK. As you may derive from this portrait, taken at their luxury hotel yesterday, Len has a cheeky sense of humor and uses it to memorable effect.

These are Himself's parents, Len and Pearl. Pearl suffers from every possible physical calamity conceivable, all at once, as the way of her life. She suffers greatly. And Len, utterly blind now, used to work in India in the 1940's while it was still ruled under the English Empire. You would never pick up that Len can't see. He walks forward with great deliberateness and doesn't miss a trick. He sees more with next-to-no vision than I do with two working orbital apparati. It falls to Len to care for Pearl at home normally, which I can say first hand now, is more than tiring.

Between making sure they have the right accommodations, food for three meals a day, plenty of water and treats, difficult medicines ongoingly administered correctly, fitting entertainment lined up, and many other necessities for them, I haven't had a moment at home to work or progress Halfland. I hadn't anticipated this part of their visit being so consuming but I am so pleased that I can contribute to them having a holiday to remember and to give Len a bit of a break from the rigors of caring for his bride of 57 years.

Thank you for your patience. I expect to have a Halfland moment this Tuesday.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    "If you want to work on your art, work on your life." --Anton Chekhov

    ...Thanks for including this part of your life on the blog, too, Shelley. Bringing life into the realm of Halfland, co-mingling the two, helps keeps both alive and well, I suspect.

  2. Great quote, Sven, so true isn't it? It's all art in the end, so to speak.

    I wrote about the trip and the in-laws because that's what was going on and occupying my life at the moment and I'd rather report about that than be silent here. Thanks for understanding.

    Mike, Len and Pearl would say you were a real "Lobyus" (I don't know the Yiddisha spelling but it's pronounced; Lawbus). It's a term of affection for someone who is a little naughty and cute about it at the same time, mischievous with a twinkle.


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