Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Touring Tarn and Yearning for Yanu


The dark haired figure on the left, in this painting detail, shows how Tarn, The Crow/Raven Woman's hair will be styled..

Above is Tarn's collage. She is black through and through, morose, depression itself, wounded and in anguish. She'll have the grace of a bird and the dark sharp gaze of a woman filled with the macabre. She will be a pale skinned woman on one side and the other a giant human-sized black feathered crow. Her face will be like a beauty's but with a nose that suggests a black crow's beak. One of her legs will have just been badly wounded by something as she arrives on her burden animal, a white hare with a tortoise shell.


This young male model has the strut, hair, chest and necklace of my Yanu. Just replace the walking stick with a giant bow and remove the jacket and shoes. I may even have him wear a sarong skirt like this, if I can't "handle" the nude male genitalia... as it were.

Yanu's collage panel shows various moth wing patterns at the top (I have several more on my wall collage as well as real specimens to work from), Wonderful images of figures in trees in the middle as Yanu will spend most, if not all, his time among the cottage tree's branches, below that, nude male figures with wings somehow incorporated into them (one taken from an ancient fresco I found while browsing around the Louvre), some clothed in Yanu style on right, carrying deer kills and bow and arrow on left.

Yanu is a young male Moth Man who travels through the forests of Halfland among the branches of the tree canopy. He is a master hunter with bow and arrow and kills without guilt. He himself eats no meat, opting instead for other insects and fungus. He laughs and delights in life. He represents the purity of male characteristics, protective, assured, free.

These are a closer look at the look and feel of Yanu's accessories, shown lower left of panel above. His leather pouch, his deer/kill, his jewelry. The necklace was something I saw on the neck of a young jewelry maker working in a bead shop in Fairhaven, Washington. I knew this kind of primitive, tribal artifact was for Yanu and she kindly took it off and allowed me to photograph it.


  1. I'm loving this breakdown of the characters and how you see them...the gates to Halfland creak open bit by bit :)...definitely has me thirsty for more, keep going!!!

  2. So.... each time you ran across one of these pictures.... yanu it was perfect for halfland, right?

    Sorry... hanging my head in shame now....

  3. Thanks, Jeffery, that means a lot. I could keep going with the collages but fear it will become tedious to read. What do you think if I switch it up with some other moves?

    Mike, you tho' punny! That got me. Yanu exactly what to say. Actually the halfland "names" aren't at all meaningful to me. They just came out like automatic writing. The only edict I adhere to is that the names conform to four letters, even then, I don't know why.

  4. You don't need to know why... as long as you know it's right.

    Hey, I'd be glad to see all the boards. Not tedious at all. If that's where you're at, then that's where you're at. Don't stop on account of outside concerns. I'm sure it's really helping coalesce all the ideas together.

  5. Yep, it's right alright.

    Thank you, Mike!!! That helps me a lot. I'm gonna break out the wallpaper paste today!!!

  6. please keep posting the collages as long as you have them! i'm very much enjoying them & i want to recommend this series to other writers & filmmakers! :D

  7. Switch it up, keep posting boards, whatever feels right for you, really. I'm just your passenger, youre driving....and hey, keep your eyes on the road!! :)

  8. Thank you, Gretchin!! I had no idea anyone thought that highly of this exercise. Mike's right, it is truly helpful for me to do. I had all the images forever but pasting them down, literally, and then having to describe them outloud to you all, is making new things things come into view.

    Thanks too, Jeffery, I am doing this of course for myself, and boy is it working. But having this audience is a big part of that. I will continue to keep in mind that this is all for Halfland's benefit and try to downplay the blog/world enertainment aspect a bit. But to tell the truth, at this point it's hard to seperate these in actuality! It's like you all are making it happen. And thank you for it.

  9. (you know, "enertainment"... the internationally known singer/songwriter/chanteuse) hee.

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