Thursday, July 13, 2006

World Domination

I just signed up for a Cluster Map ( on this site a couple days ago and just checked in on it on a lark and whoa--while the number is relatively "Select" shall we say--I'm dusted that there are visitors here from Japan?! and (I have to look at a map) Norway?! and deep in the heart of Texas?! and way up in frigid British Columbia (again guessing without geographical knowledge or map)

I can recognize a certain Argentinean friend, alone on the entire continent of South America (Hi, Ale!) but who are you nearly next to Mike in the sweet creamy middle of the U.S.?!! Who are you CLEARLY insightful people!!?

UPDATE: Duh. Firstly Norway is the UK (I know a few fine blokes there), and duh, Texas is Mexico!! (that's truer than I realized, hello/hola!) Then British Columbia is Washington State? and then my Louisiana people aren't where I thought, they're in Tennessee or Georgia? (where's my Uber?) There are people standing right next to Mike in either Kansas or Nebraska? and the Michigan, Rhode Island, or New Jersey folks are candy surprises! (and, just in case, when I said I HATED the talented people who attend RISD [Rhode Island School of Design] in someone's blog comments recently, I, ah, meant that I'm jealous you got to know the secrets of creating innovative art that they teach you there for $80,000/semester.)

The world is listening.


  1. Beware of using any site's TERRIBLY ADDICTING!

    I go through the same thing about japanese people checking my site...most of them coming from SMA forums...also some eastern europe countries I hadn't heard about....But the best so far have been Vietnam and Afghanistan(!?!?!?)Shall we take a geography class together Shelley?

    Wow....I feel lonely in this continent :( But my red dot will always be there ;)

    See ya

  2. That is so sweet, Ale (Mr. 5000), much appreciated.

    And it is something to see the stats and the maps. It isn't that I'm after a huge audience here at all, I was just taken aback by seeing people stopping by from so far away and from such surprising places.

    Welcome to one and all. Having your eyes and attention gives me tremendous motivation to move forward.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey, try doing a google search for or just "notes from halfland" and you'll be able to find any sites that have links to your blog. Can be very surprising! I just did it a few days ago for my blog, and I corroborated something I always suspected.... all the traffic i was getting on my old site is for the eastern european clips. I didn't find anybody linking to me other than my blog brethren and every one of my posts at SMA (wow, I've really posted a lot there!)

  4. Here I am! Here I am!

    Actually I'm not from Louisiana at all, mwuhahahaha...I'm actually a Russian spy sent to investigate zis "Halfland".....

  5. Hi Shelly,

    I just had someone from Basra, Iraq check mine out!

  6. Geography class indeed. Nothing's made me want to know more about other places than wishing to know who was coming here. Blogging has made the entire world more real rather than an abstraction of news items. Real people, even those without computers.

    Not many links for the site, Mike, but that's totally ok. I bet your entries for SMA must be in the 100,000's by now!!!

    Hi Uberie, I see that you are here but I don't see you on the cluster map, maybe it flags the locales for the servers rather than the physical addresses? I do however, if I'm reading the cluster map properly, see we are now joined by Utah, Denver, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, New York, India, Hong Kong, and North Korea!

    Welcome to each and everyone!!


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