Thursday, September 17, 2009

100 Days: Bosq the Cat's Bed

In the film, a minor character, Bosq the Snoring Sleeping Cat, is asleep by the warming hearth when the quarreling Birds in Hats, fighting in the branches above, cause a hat to fall off its hook and land on his napping noggin.

I discovered an old odd-ball placemat in a bag up on a shelf. It was made from a fantastic loom-woven fabric with a nice botanical motif printed on its center. It was almost perfect. I dyed it a rich yellow, soaked the fringe with matte medium to stiff the threads for stop motion use. When dry, I embroidered the pattern with wool tapestry yarns. I sooted it up with chalk dusts applied with a brush on the edges and trimmed down the fringe to scale. Once I stuffed it with a piece of wood for puppet tie downs, I could see how well it nestled in amongst the set's tree roots--right under the fighting bird's branch!

The slope of the ground there will be filled in with a sculpture of dried Answer Tree leaves to level it out as can be seen in the mock up (upper right).


  1. Lucky cat! Another wonderful piece. I like the color a lot. How bright and how well blended with Halfland.

  2. Shel, what is this matte medium to become the fabric stiff? Do you have a brand name for me? Or even better a picture of the bottle?

  3. Thanks, Yaz! I found more cushions that I'd made earlier. They seem to work perfectly under this one. Hooray!

    Hi Jessica--ok get ready...

    NOVA COLOR MATTE MEDIUM (scroll down to item #204)

    •It's cheaper than other brands as they manufacture (not sure if you can get some locally cheaper in Berlin without having shipping costs but this is the info on the medium I always mention.)

    • The quality is superb! Loads of high quality polymer in it.

    • It's utterly INVISIBLE when dry. I literally could not see it gluing the pieces of straw together for Rana's mattress up close!

    •Its uses are ENDLESS! I use it daily in Halfland fabrication on everything from dried leaves, papers, to fabrics, everything. I use it for fixing a finish, gluing, stiffening, etc. But the single most essential use I have for it is to tint it with walnut ink or pastel dusts to act as custom aging patina! It's sensational.

    And that's only for projects like this; it has voluminous uses in other art as well.

    I've used it in image transfers onto canvas, wood, or glass, collaging is perfect as it won't show through paper. I've used it for its actual purpose, to mix with other color for a paint extender or tinted medium in its own right.

    I buy it by the gallon jug and it lasts for a long while, like about 2 years or more. And that's with generous use.

    Nova Color #204; Matte Medium (no gloss, flat mixing medium & topcoat);Quart/32 fl. oz.;$8.00 USD


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