Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 Days: Steaming Stars

I can't believe this worked. I took a rigid dried starfish, tinted it to match the crochet doilies and then (using craft only cooking gear) steamed it for a few minutes to make it pliable enough to slump over the arm of Rana's chair. Pins held it in place until it hardened back up as it dried out, then it was glued down.

Rana's cottage is decorated with little bits of sea treasures here and there because Kyra the black mermaid brings Rana sea gifts whenever she comes to call.


  1. Four articles today (so far) and they're on subjects for which – I think – your work is outstanding:

    first, applying human size craft to miniminitiny things which are so very convincing. I'd love to believe there's world where people live en miniature... – Ah, fairy tales...

    Second, the combining of real live finds with these handmade craft elements. To me, your starfishes is my today's absolute favourite!

    And third, the combining of your lifetime's experience and your imagination which is just great to watch. And you're sharing it, so we all could enjoy and learn!

    I do.

  2. Hey! Thanks, Jessica. I'm so delighted you are appreciating all this. It's amazingly supportive to have someone I respect be so attentive.

    Say, did you turn me on to the vintage stop mo work of Kihachiro Kawamoto? I'm just beginning to watch a dvd "The exquisite Short Films of Kihachiro Kawamoto" from 1968 and notice he used a lot of paper on his backgrounds and puppets to great creative effect and recall you're interest in that right now.

  3. No, that wasn't me.
    But because you thought it could have been me, I assume, you'd guess I would have liked it. ;)
    I surely will look it up! It sounds intresting!

  4. Yes! You'll love it! I'd bet money on that! (I rented my copy through NetFlix.)

  5. Looking amazing!! It looks totally combined with the doilies. One thing.. Rana might not find it very comfortable under her arms when she sits.. (this was one of the first things came to my mind when I realized what you did here. I guess I have really started to think that Halfland and everything in it are totally real!!)

  6. Thanks, Yazzy! I think it's a huge compliment that you are thinking as if your were Rana! Thank you! I think that way too.

    Since you raised it... my thinking was that the hardness of the starfish wasn't nice for resting her arms on BUT Rana (and me) wouldn't do that anyway. We'd both prefer having the starfish from the sea nearby as decoration in our place. And as a bonus it will make it easier to prop up the sewing box against the starfish legs.

    I know, over-thinking. ;)

  7. Oppss.. yes, I got it. -to prop up the sewing box against the starfish. Nice!!


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