Thursday, September 17, 2009

100 Days: Rana's Attic Builds

Hello patient visitors! I'm whipping these posts out tonight and tomorrow to catch up with the orgy of progress over here. I'm trying to Complete. Done. Finish. the entire list of props as it's the closest phase to being Complete. Done. Finished. And because making detailed props is by far easier for me to do here alone than the more physical construction work that's up next to finish the set.

This is only a preview of the kinds of items in Rana's attic loft above her bay window. The loft will be filled also with skeins of woolen yarn and spools of colorful thread, lots of dust, a big spider web in the window that will cast a web-like shadow, etc.

What you see here is a vintage package of cotton bandage that I bought at an army surplus. I loved the way it was wrapped in postal paper and tied with string. I think it's the first prop in 1/2L that I could buy and put right in without doctoring up.

The hatbox is a 99¢ balsa wood box that I painted with glazes and gave a tortoise shell finish to the lid.

The leather case is also vintage. It's the ancient case that the Poloroid lenses I stole for $5 came in (more on those tomorrow!). I think Rana would have leather cases in her attic. The fiddley bit on it is really a pull for the rusty metal tape measure in the case that I may do away with. I sanded off the embossed Polaroid logo and repainted the area to blend in.

The wooden piece is a dusty broken mini-easel that I got for free at Michaels that I plan to doctor up to turn into a dusty broken chicken-sized easel that the Painting Chicken stows up there.


  1. At last! I was getting so tired of staring at the 3d images, with no 3d glasses to see the 3d!
    Love the hat box, parcel, and case!
    Love the finality of Complete. Done. Finished. !
    So solid. and definite. and no-nonsense, a small dose of which is useful even in a nonsense world. (and vice versa!)

    On to the next one...

  2. So sorry to have you trudge over here to Halfland in the hopes of seeing something new, Nick! (I used to HATE having to do that. Then I put all my blog reads on a reader and now it bolds up when there's a new fresh tasty post. Ahh, sweet sweet not clicking in vein.)

    But OH! how I thrill to you reading the blog and rooting me on! Thank you!

  3. Shelley, it is great to see your many posts here. I am also used to seeing your new posts in about 10 days at most. So, missed it, really.

    That lens box is looking amazing. I think it is my favorite in this post and followed by the hat box out of balsa wood.

  4. Though I normally read your blog via RSS feed, I was wondering whrere you'd been all the time... But, actually, it's great to see you'd been to busywonderland...

    I can tell you, it's amazing what you've done over the last weeks... I'm just stunned... All the beautiful details... I've got a little wet eyes seeing all the progress...

    But I defintively want to see more! :D


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