Thursday, September 17, 2009

100 Days: I Have a Soft Pot for You

Inspired by a photo of softly tinted tin cooking pots hanging in an old kitchen, I thought I'd whip up a few more background kettles of various sizes for Rana's kitchen.

I collected plastic food containers that had nice general kettle shapes to them, sanded off the embossed markings, recycling numbering, etc., added wire to create lips and filled in with flexible cement as necessary. Added simple pounded wire handles in the same gauge regardless of pot size, as my character's hand size remains constant (typing that I realize that the smaller pot could have had a bit smaller handle as some things in my kitchen have smaller handles.) Made faux handle rivets out of glue. I finished them off in real aluminum paint a fantastic new patina trick.

I took my trusty burnt umber pastel, ground it down with fine sandpaper to get its dust, and then used that to tint matte medium. It gave the exact soft metal look I was after. I can show that effect off better in my post about the Polaroid macro lenses I scored coming soon. (The photo on the right shows the behind the scenes on that set up.)


  1. Wow. Have you thought of writing a book on making props? I would buy it. Tinting mat medium with burnt umber pastel dust is yet another brilliant method on getting teh look right. Beautiful work.

  2. Thanks, Rich! Never thought of that! This blog of course is a new kind of book, but only as prop building/film making relates to my stumbling through making Halfland.

    I do LOVE to make books, perhaps I could put one together of my favorite effects for fun when the film is said and done.

    You'll be an expert by then! xoxo

  3. I will try this trick when I work on the cock parts for my film. Hey I have that matte medium :)


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