Saturday, September 19, 2009

100 Days: Skirting the Issue

I normally advise everyone to never go back. I find that moving forward on any sort of project to be a better way to go. It usually leads to a better than imagined result. But the cheap printed compromise fabric I had installed on Rana's kitchen table, while done, continued to irk me.

It wasn't until I stopped into a great designer fabric shop and saw this luscious red, loom woven, highly textural raw silk, slubby, little number that I saw the other fabric had to be banished right away.

In this case, going back was only a brief detour on the march to completion. And I'm much relieved and happy for it. I learned that Halfland requires Extreme Texture. Nothing can be included that is flat. Being fabric is not enough, it had to be a heavy hardy weave.

Wire was sewn into all skirt panel edges. The panels were hot glued into pleats on the underside of the table front and sides. The wire at the hem was bent to loosely match the pleats. If any scene calls for Rana to lift up the table skirt to look for something, or feed a carrot to a dust bunny #>()'∞'(), the wire allows the soft fabric to hold it's shape for animation.


  1. Adding wires to make the fabric animatable.. this is really something I want to try. I also remember you making an animatable quilt for Rana.

    There are many things I want to try.. with my speed of filmmaking I wonder if I ever get a chance to experiment all these wonderful ideas before my life ends :))

  2. Yep. I figure anything soft in life, like fabric or water, has to be made controllable for stop motion.

    Yeah, I struggle with the will I do what I want question too, the time race, as it were.

    My answer for myself is to just do the next thing, and the next, etc. And to trust that what should be done will have a chance to be.

    Sometimes I get so terrified that it won't, generally increased when I'm excited and enthusiastic for the creative possibilities.

    So when you say what you said above I just think of it as another way of saying you are excited!

    That's really a lucky thing to be.

    So many people are never ever excited by anything.

  3. Love this quote on top of your blog: "Start by doing the necessary, Next do the possible, Suddenly you're doing the impossible" -St. Francis of Assisi

    Yeah, I am very excited and feel sooo lucky!


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