Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life Follows Art

As I was sewing a gift for a friend last week, a funny little stubborn fly landed on top of my pincushion and stayed there for quite a while. It was so funny to see this because it was like real life imitating my art here in Halfland.

I had decided that a Time Fly (Musca Tempora) would be kept on Rana's sewing pin cushion. In my initial version, the poor fly is pinned through onto the cushion which I thought was just a way of saying that time was being pinned down. (Arggg, seeing that original sketch, I realized only now that I forgot the pin cushion would be made out of a pocket watch frame. That was such a good idea I lost. Will have to see how to use it another way.)

But after seeing this real life guy, I realized that I couldn't really be that violent. I resolved the problem in a way I like better. Be sure to see the post about Rana's sewing box to see how!

Art Bonus: PS; I was sewing this Shoulder Wrap for Genie
Shoulder Wrap for Genie


  1. I see it, I see it! It's on the scissors!

  2. No! Nick! This little inspiring fellow was not harmed in the making of Halfland! :)

  3. I knew you couldn't hurt a fly! yay!!

  4. HI DJ, I try not to. I generally co-exist with insects without harming them. I especially enjoy living with ant trails. I just love those worker guys! I'm putting a line of them marching through Rana's kitchen in to the bee's cave (just thought of that.)

    Marching Ants will have an additional hilarity to those familiar with Adobe products!

  5. You cant be serious!! Are you going to make ant trails?? How small are those going to be?

  6. You cant be serious!! Are you going to make ant trails?? How small are those going to be?

  7. HA! YES! Seriously, Yazzy! I bought a lighted magnifier on clearance sale yesterday, really! But the little ants marching across the set won't have to be very detailed. I *might* make one larger ant puppet for close ups (and duplicate him digitally) but honestly, any little black segmented fine-legged specks moving in a line will do the trick!

    Marching ants, like in Photoshop, get it!? hee

  8. Yep, I got it :)) and love it!


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