Monday, September 11, 2006


All the cottage wall section templates have been cut twice out of skinned insulation foam, ready to be glued together.

Once ready, each wall section will have one or two coats of plaster or joint compound applied, like the sample constructed yesterday had done today.

It's fantastic to chew chunks of this project. It's so gratifying to move forward with things that will show great progress as so much of this has only been in my mind for so long.

A trio of views of the revised sculpt for Tarn, the half-crow woman.

Standard cosmetic surgery for Tarn today, much like many Beverly Hills women. The sculpt had lost its articulation with the application of clay layers and looked too doughy. I had to go in and take down a great deal of the undersculpt in order to allow for the clay to go on and to restore a more delicate femininity to her left side.

Now I like the sculpt again and finally see my way into creating her to completion. (I wonder if God had this much fun coming up with His creatures?!)


  1. Sometimes I'm bugged when I don't like a piece that I'm working on, but most of the time it is freeing....I tend to take more risks with a work when I'm unhappy with it, which usually results in a better product in the end....

    Tarn is coming along nicely!

  2. She's a bird, she's a brain, she's Uber Tarn.

    Thanks, Jeffery. Yes! Exactly, Icky becomes Yummy with Boldness.

    Words to live by @>->---

  3. Well put with the icky :D

  4. I just ate red beans and rice for my supper due to your inspiration! Delishous, never tried that before. I did it my way with crumbled chipotle peppers (A ripe jalapeno pepper that has been dried and smoked for use in cooking), and cardamon, over brown rice, Yum.



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