Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's Progress, Right?

I just layered out the little acrylic diamond shapes onto sticky paper cut to size. I had to kind of fudge the pre-cut (!) (thanks Mark!) pattern here and there to fit into the actual bay window opening. I squeezed (squoze?) clear paper glue into the gaps between the shapes and will see if that might hold it somewhat in place. I first thought to use hot glue but then thought I'd try paper glue first as I had more sensitive control when applying it. Tomorrow I'll adhere previously made leading strips to both sides of the gaps and see how that works/looks.

All the tiny scratches I made from pulling off the acrylic's protective blue film, all the paper glue that I smeared onto the shapes while trying to tidy up the seams, and all the non-uniform spaces between the shapes, will make it look--homey? It's true, I would like the finished window to look as hand-made and rustic as the rest of the set rather than like a precision model. I intend to add much dirt and dusty filmy patina to the finished cottage windows anyway. My sloppiness will add "character".

Planning on posting large tomorrow.



  1. Nice! Bashin' glass.

  2. Thanks Mikee. Little steps make the trip.

  3. Sloppiness ALWAYS adds character! If we wanted perfection we'd be doing CGI, right? ;) Looking forward to seeing some pics...

  4. Thanks, Michael! That vote of confidence really helped. I'm going to use hot glue to adhere the leading then it's post pic palooza and maybe something more interesting too.

  5. Well you are going the mostest, hardest route, but it will probably look the best, can't wait to see how it works. Don't feel bad if you have to go back to your original plan. I don't want to throw a wrench in your plans 'cause the way you started seems pretty good to me.

    I have never tried paper glue on plexiglass (aka Acrylic) not sure if that will work, hot melt probably will. There is a special plexiglass glue you can find at any shop where plexiglass is sold. It's a water thin cement requires you apply light pressure as the glue dries.
    Apply with a little syringe tip squeeze bottle if you decide to try that.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Oh, thanks, Mark. I knew about acrylic glue, I've built beveled Plexiboxes in the way distant past. I run a no-tox shop here now and try to keep all materials as benign as possible. So, mini hot glue it is.

    And I want to try the shapes you kindly cut for me because they and they alone with give the sparkle of the real Tudor window that I keep yammering on about. I found one the other day in real life (many are fake in LA. hee.) and I plan to take a pitch'r of it tomorrow sews I can study bett'r how it were builted.


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