Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Window on my World

My acrylic sample strip and supply of blanks. And a nice simplified alternative pane pattern.

This was my initial Tudor pattern idea, as recently as this morning.

Dudes, you have been great. OF COURSE I'm looking hard at faking the leading! I wrote the idea off up until today because I don't want a faux look and really really want this type of window to change image distortion as you move past it, like a real poured glass window would. Let me say a word on why here. You see, I'm in a pickle. Not only does my set have to look good for film, it also has to look good when viewed from 360 degrees nose to window close.

I've got this cockamamie idea that the Halfland main set will be displayed in a gallery next to a looping cinema of it. For me, it's more artpiece than film short. Not that I'm at all dissing films, you can be sure, just that my vision for this complicates things, but not impossibly.

I've looked around and decided this, today, right now, tomorrow I'm going to make a sample window with faux leading and gloss medium painted in different thicknesses within the diamond shapes and then photograph it. I will be doing my best to create a believable faux Tudor miniature window. If it screams out; "Doll Hoooouuuuse!!!" to me then YES!! Mark, I would be most interested in your idea for how to do individual panes more easily!

Update tomorrow.


  1. Ok that is real clear now about how tall is said window going to be?

  2. Said bay window will be three panels at 11" high by 6" wide each. Why, my delicate patron of panes, my benefactor of glass openings?

  3. Hmmm... I don't supposticate you can get some kind of wire or plastic mesh that would be about the right size? Mayhap that's what Pontiff Fullerton has in mind? Or mayhappn't?

  4. Its all a matter of scale and I didn't know yours.
    I think I might have a solution, but want to test it first.

    No hopes on a kite... yet.

    btw. you both crack me up.

  5. Can't wait, my tiny tester of trouble free techniques.

  6. I cannot wait to see the final product!! I love watching the steps and ideas unfold!
    Little windows of such delicate design!! fantastic!

  7. Thank you Corey, I'm going for rustic realism and lots of detail.


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