Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Facet-nating Detail

Generosity in glass, er, acrylic, a surprise gift of Rana's windows from redear and friend, Mark.

I went to my post office today to find a big package addressed to Rana. It was a supply of perfectly cut Elizabethan Tudor window patterns in panel to scale for the Halfland cottage sent as a surprise gift from regular commenter and reader here, Noogie. He's made me a wardrobe of options for how to create the sparkle of a real leaded bay window in miniature like I wanted to originally. It's too good to pass this up. Before I picked up the package I was determined to research Tudor window construction today as the ones I passed while driving around town had a specific effect that my recent technique wasn't really nailing. The previous method would be acceptable, but if I can use these materials instead, then the net effect will be hugely improved.

Have you ever noticed the "sparkle" I'm talking about on a diamond-paned (quarries) leaded Tudor window as you move past one? It seems to me that each quarry is placed at a slightly different angle due to the window's construction of grooved lead cames to hold the glass. That causes each diamond shaped surface to reflect like a facet instead of like a flat, single sheet. It's a small detail but one that if pulled off will read as much more authentic and adorable in miniature. I'll still have to smear the quarries with glass paint to knock down the machined perfection of the acrylic and I may still use my paint mixture to simulate lead cames, including the faux solder touches at the intersections, but now I've got a chance to go for the real look.

Thank you, Mark.

While out, I also bought about 30 feet of wooden window casing to finish the edges of the windows as they are seated into the plaster wall openings, another tub of my new toy joint compound, this one to tint ochre before applying, and a bale of rough hewn wooden shims that I intend to distress, stain and slice into shingles for certain roof spots.

A headache earlier squashed my date with Clare this afternoon, but I hope to catch up with him tomorrow, if he's not all booked up.


  1. this was awesome & generous of you, meful. you wanna write about how you did it on your blog? :)

  2. Mark, you are the man! Can't wait to see these windows in action :)

  3. Yes! Here's to an "easy" technique for assembling the quarries.


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