Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What in Tarnation?!

I cut into Tarn's face to make its left side more human, adding check bones and a chin. I started adding Van Aken modeling clay as I've done in the past but found it far too mushy soft in this heat we're having to function as a sculpt that will one day need have a mold made of it. With no other clay in the shop I opted for a method that can't possibly work; Della Robbia air dry clay OVER the soft plasticine in spots that needed extra support, like a plaster bandage. That's nuts, it'll crack when dry like crazy, oh well.

Brief progress for me today but progress nonetheless. I excitedly woke up at 7:00 am to begin another meaty 1/2 L. day but found instead several phone calls, emails and errands were needed for a paid project. It apparently takes more time to spin plates than I thought. After that and eating and helping out downstairs Clare a bit, it was a scandalous 9 pm before I got down to do much.

I also cut a strip of plexi and tested several types of mediums to see if any would take the machine perfectness off of the surface and give an old fashioned window look. The best result was simple gloss acrylic medium smeared on with thumb. It became very clear when dry and had a slight watery look that may do well. I originally was going to use glass for the cottage windows but feel a little better about the unbreakable, lighter plexiglass right now. I wrapped a couple of small sample panes with copper foil and will have to determine the way I'll want to join the panes for the dozens of little diamond shaped panes in the cottage's tudor-style windows. If it works, soldering and then adding a chemical patina may be the quickest, easiest and most secure. I'll ask Clare tomorrow.

We'll see what clay I come home with tomorrow to rescue Tarn.


  1. Hey, she's lookin' good!

    About the window panes... have you considered using just a single big piece and laying your gridwork over it? Much less work!

  2. Michael Brent, KISS-Master :)

    I'm lovin' Tarn, this is great fun to watch.
    If you want a stained glass sort of effect with the windows you could try using little bits of colored glass sold for mosaics at craft stores...

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I've read a number of strategies for doing stained glass window effects on wargamer websites...

    (They're a great resource for a lot of miniature work.)

    ...But I'm not even going to bother looking for those links again. I mean, have you *ever* seen Shells take the less-than-absolute-realism route? ;-)

    [...Says has-to-make-his-own-steel-armatures boy!]

  4. I was going to suggest the same grid over plex fake stained glass look too.
    Your probably right mike, me thinks no shortcuts from the shellmister, but I say choose your battles.
    How close will it be in frame? How many seconds screen time? etc.
    then determine how good it needs to be.

  5. What exact type of window are you looking to make?

    I was just checking out your previous posts on styles of windows etc here:


    I don't see any diamond shaped panes unless you mean the real small ones?

    Just curious, I might have an idea for a easy way to fab the pieces if you don't go for the solid piece with grid over the top.


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