Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why Would They Bake Their Children?!

NEW PRODUCT TIP: So you say you wanna build up an armature with something so light weight it'll float?...Sculpy Ultralight ran across this whilst surfing yesterday, thought you should know about it.

"Sculpey UltraLight is an extremely versatile clay that allows you to do things that could never be done before with clay. It turns hard as a rock when baked so it won't break or crack, even in large pieces. When rolled thin and baked, the clay remains flexible. When used as a base for armatures or large beads, shape Sculpey UltraLight to desired form and bake. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cover Sculpey UltraLight base with Sculpey III or Premo clay and bake again. Sculpey III and Premo clay sill chemically bond to the Sculpey UltraLight base when baked and make the final piece strong and crack resistant. Once cool, baked pieces can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved and painted the 100% acrylic paints.

Bake in an oven-proof glass or metal surface at 130 C(275 F) for 15 minutes per 6mm (1/4") thickness. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT exceed the above temperature or recommended baking time. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Supervise children during baking."


  1. Sweet! I've been waiting for this to hit the shelves. I remember finding some kind of blurb about it like 6 months ago, but it wasn't yet available. Sounds like it might be too flexible to use as bones though in an armature.

    ... And maybe they bake their children because they're BREAD PEOPLE!!! ;)

  2. ...To Serve Man--It's a, a Cookbook?!!! Agggggggh.

    I dunno, I'm gonna try it for large beads as they say it doesn't look plastic-y like other polymer clays. I think we should try it for pupps!

  3. Hi Gretchin, snork'kerfuff.

  4. hey, sweet avatar! tweetertoogh.

  5. Have you heard of the man eating shark? He likes it fried. Oh! Actually shark steak is pretty good.

    I love those little miscommunications due to poor sentence form. There's a sign next to the freezer at work that says "keep door closed when not being used". So I figure we need to always leave the door open. Cause I feel like I'm being used the whole time I'm at work!

  6. Nuk nuk. I like the one on a cracker package that read; "Continued from the other side." I thought, that's pretty metaphysical for a box of crackers!

  7. yuk yuk

    "...To Serve Man--It's a, a Cookbook?!!! Agggggggh."

    OK what's that from, I know I recognize it ...but can't place it. Arrrggg!

    "I love those little miscommunications due to poor sentence form."

    Mike have you seen the TV show Arrested Development. They base about half of their dialog on that principal, funny, great show. Canceled of course. Anyone else like it . . . or even see it?

    "I think I just made a terrible mistake." –GB

    Hey I just noticed - cool avatar gl I like, I like.

  8. You always set me up just right, Mark. To Serve Man was a classic Twilight Zone epi. The one where aliens land on Earth and feed us fattening foods and massage us and offer us a free trip to their planet. Many line up to go even though only the title of the book these creatures had being carrying around since they arrived was translated so far... "To Serve Man". Everyone figures they are into being our guardians or something nice and pack their bags, until someone cracks the rest of it... It's a cookbook!

    I heard good things about Arr. Devel. but me no have tv no mo so a I missed.

    I like Gretchin's avatar too. I t look slike it may be some of the art project fun she and Sven get into. GL, is it a string illio? What's the story behind it?

  9. Personally I'm partial to the advice printed on the aspirin bottle:

    "Keep away from children"

    If I can do that, I usually don't even need the aspirin. OH!

    But then some of the best life advice I've ever seen was actually printed on the back of a bottle of white-out. True story... I just was bored out of my mind one night looking at this white-out label and it suddenly struck me as deeply profound. Keep n mind this was many years ago... shortly after the Clinton administration in fact:

    Keep away from fire and flames
    (seems logical... I always try to do that)

    Keep away from children
    (that seems to be universal advice... you find it printed on many items. And still so many people ignore it!)

    Do not swallow or inhale
    (hey... apparenlty nobody told Monica or Bill!)

    OHH!!!! Somebody STOP me!!!!

  10. Mark....

    "I think I just made a terrible mistake." –GB


    Don' get it?

  11. Gretchin...
    drawn with the left hand perhaps? Or behind the back? Our art instructor used to make us draw with the paper on top of our heads.... it's amazing in some ways how accurate you can still be, and yet everything looks fresh and sort of Picasso-ish.

  12. Yes Yes Yes, I know I have seen it - I love the old twilight zone - a classic indeed.

    Have you ever seen that book "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards?
    I think there is an exersize in there that is contour line drawing. Draw without lifting the pencil, don't ever look at the paper. Just look at the object and draw it. That's what gl's avatar reminds me of - Or string drawing... I don't know about the color changes though...Oh I don't know how it is done, please fill us in gl.

  13. Yea mike a quote from Arrested Dev. - not a fan I take it.

  14. No, never saw it. Wish I had now though.

    Ok, how about this one...

    "He wouldn't actually write 'AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!'.... He'd just SAY it!"

    "Well... maybe he was dictating?"

    (surely everyone knows this one?)
    ; )

  15. Alright, what's going on in this room?! Why aren't you kids in bed at this hour--on the East coast!!? That's enough, you can have your fun tomorrow.

    Nighty! Honk Shu.


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