Friday, March 31, 2006

Plog as Pressure? Log as Leverage? Beginning to Blog.

I thought that by creating this place I could goad myself into making daily progress on an exciting personal project without having to impose on good friends or paying a life coach to do it. Shy and cheap, quite a combo.

One year ago to the day I gave up television, that seemed a good enough time/reason to begin this project blog.

Twelve years ago I began creating a stop motion short called Halfland. Taking daily action on the project seems the only way to actually get to work on it.

Last weekend himself suggested that I start animating the characters and props that I've already built. I started pulling things out of the brown paper sacks that they lay in and roughly position them onto the existing set. The rules were, that not matter how strong the desire, I wasn't to alter anything at this stage. No fabrication. No detailed/quality installation. I was to focus all my energy on animating what exists today.

Doing this immediately began hugely benefiting me in two ways, one, it showed up multiple hairy problems with what I thought would work about the walls of the cottage. And two, it made me quiver with excitement and fear how much I loved how all the pieces looked actually in place. These were good to find out. This was the stage to rectify the building's problems. And if I thought things looked blech, then continuing would have been up for some honest debate.

But as it is, we are on.

Photos tomorrow.
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