Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Night Night

The bedroom set is oh so nearly done. The canopy is up, making the inviting bed feel like a train birth. Cozy. The mattress turned out so cute, I'm not using a bottom sheet. The Caterpillow is done and in its sectioned slipcase.

Heading to bed, but wanted to say I'm getting a bit stronger, slowly. Some days feeling good most of the day, if I can keep stress to a minimum. Going to bed early and taking afternoon naps helps most of all.

Believe it or not, shooting will begin shortly. The sky will be done by next week, all being well. And the frog puppet is a paint job away from his debut.

Dick Kaneshiro has even worked out my shooting set up and will loan me the equipment as soon as he sees the bat signal in the sky.

Photos on all the progress ready to post too.
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