Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Internet for a bit: Working on Halfland

Cat vomit + surge suppressor + my ham-fisted attempts to reconfigure + no one handy to help deep tech = no internet at home for a bit.

BUT!!!! There's so much action going on in Halfland, I'm a just little wee bit glad!

I was showing Sherie around the progress last night (after she and I were building an incredible paper palm tree for the desert set!) and I was taken aback by what I was showing her. I mean I've been having the time of my life building things for the project but to see how much has been actually done now and how truly pleased I am with the way its all turning out was kind of an objective progress report. One that I am surprised at loving this much. My only regret at the moment is not having the ability/time to document it here. It's a criminal lack of wonderful information at this point! Photos are archived already of each step however.

I'm hatching a slick, fast plan to catch readers here up on (what I feel are) the AWESOME results!

In the meanwhile, trust that I'm wailing away on all fronts of it in bliss.

Be well, each of you, and may you enjoy these precious days of making your art. I remain your fan.

[written from dear Paul's office laptop]

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Flash Post: Spider Lives in Attic

spider lives in attic, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
I loaded all the attic goods into the loft shelf and secured them with hot glue. I noticed that the sacks of fleece would make a good background for the Knitting Beetles. And also that there was a cozy spot behind everything where a spider could live and work. If I make twig and wire mullions in a certain way and aim a strong direct spotlight at that window. an illusion is created where it looks as though he is in a full web, half the web made from shadow. I just need to raise him up on something (here in the above mock up I'm using a lump of stuffing to test the shadow)

Flash Post: Mouse House Exterior

mouse house exterior, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
This elaborate exterior landscape for the Mouse's house was entirely unplanned, FAST to make, and so charming as part of the larger set! I plan to show the details of turning dead house plants into mini olive and cherry tress, planting a mini raised bed veggie garden, and tiny roses for the bramble gate and fencing.

Exceeding fun limits over here.

Flash Post: Cottage Loaded

cottage loaded, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
Really helpful placing the furnishing and props into the cottage interior. It not only looks amazing when I turn around from my computer to get up and am smacked by this TOTALLY REALIZED LIFE that some small being is dwelling in. After getting everything in but the food, I can see that the place could really be lived in, if one fit. Cooking could be done. Sleeping, sewing, resting, thinking, visiting with friends, enjoying the fire, etc. It's all there now.

Discovered a few things; one, is that the Marching Ants would be by far easier to animate across the sturdy cemented window sill rather than the awkward to work on slat flooring. Two is that slat flooring actually makes creaking sounds exactly like a real old floor! (note to the sound dept.). I learned I need to lower the chandolier slightly. I learned that the table and chairs should be right in the middle of the space instead of against the bay window (removed from set above).

And most importantly of all, I learned to STOP making things now! It's full. Fully packed with detail, marvelous detail and vignettes. It works.

All I need still do to the interior is:
Install tufts of grass along the floor's edge.
Finish the bed canopy.
Install the Bee hive under the roots.
Install the Bird's nests.
Make the Caterpillow for the bed.
Finish the rose wallpaper panels and blend that treatment into the wine color of the rest of the walls.
Glue everything down.

Add a roof and coppola to the exterior, pickle it in white, rig a water bucket pulley, construct a porch, and calm the Signs of the Apocolypse around the globe, and we're ready to start shooting!
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