Flash Post: Cottage Loaded

cottage loaded, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
Really helpful placing the furnishing and props into the cottage interior. It not only looks amazing when I turn around from my computer to get up and am smacked by this TOTALLY REALIZED LIFE that some small being is dwelling in. After getting everything in but the food, I can see that the place could really be lived in, if one fit. Cooking could be done. Sleeping, sewing, resting, thinking, visiting with friends, enjoying the fire, etc. It's all there now.

Discovered a few things; one, is that the Marching Ants would be by far easier to animate across the sturdy cemented window sill rather than the awkward to work on slat flooring. Two is that slat flooring actually makes creaking sounds exactly like a real old floor! (note to the sound dept.). I learned I need to lower the chandolier slightly. I learned that the table and chairs should be right in the middle of the space instead of against the bay window (removed from set above).

And most importantly of all, I learned to STOP making things now! It's full. Fully packed with detail, marvelous detail and vignettes. It works.

All I need still do to the interior is:
Install tufts of grass along the floor's edge.
Finish the bed canopy.
Install the Bee hive under the roots.
Install the Bird's nests.
Make the Caterpillow for the bed.
Finish the rose wallpaper panels and blend that treatment into the wine color of the rest of the walls.
Glue everything down.

Add a roof and coppola to the exterior, pickle it in white, rig a water bucket pulley, construct a porch, and calm the Signs of the Apocolypse around the globe, and we're ready to start shooting!


  1. Well done, Shelley, this is amazing! Is it complete now? It looks perfect to me!

    And the other two pictures give a great impression of Halfland, too. Are you gonna start filming soon?

    These moments, when you assemble all the single set pieces to a complete cosmos, are always magical to me... Sometimes I think that's why I'm an artist: I'm addicted to create.

  2. HI Jessica, thanks! It is so amazing to create a world isn't it?! Just the absolute best feeling possible in the whole world! I won't have children from my body so, this creation is as close a I'll get.

    It's very close to being finished. I've added a listing of remaining tasks to the post and need to update the...

    Progress Bars! :)

  3. Wait... "Ready to shoot" — WHAT?? Definitely a sign of the Apocalypse. I'm heading for the bomb shelter!

  4. Hang on, Sven! No need to take to the fully-stocked bunker yet! There's still plenty to do. Plenty.

    BUT-- it's a hell of a lot closer! And I've decided to shoot out of order, so, could shoot cottage interior goodies first!

  5. ooooohh....knowing when to stop is a HUGE moment.

    and Man...thinking animation is really exciting stuff.


  6. For sure, Justin-- plus, animation is the most exciting fun one can have in all the created universes!

  7. OMG - The cottage is full, and you're going to STOP making little props for it? Yep, like everybody says, this is a major milestone on the road to halfland!
    Hey, did I just move out of the cottage into one of the mushroom houses? It looks so inviting I want to come back! Those chairs and the fireplace look really amazing, and I can see all sorts of stuff lurking way in the background.

  8. FUN details EVERYWHERE, Nick!! Dust bunnies on the floor, ants on the sill, spider spinning yarns onto twig spools in the attic!

    Oh, and the strings of electric party lights in the mushroom village party naturally come from a water wheel in the stream!

    I can't wait to show you the moving paper gears deep inside the Time Frog! It reminds me of somethings you love to make!

    I love it when you come by and want to stay and enjoy!

  9. what's the rent? looks so cozy and nice.

  10. HA! I agree, Filmmaker Rich!

    It's barter in Halfland so, you'd have to be useful and harmonious to live there!

    I'm going to imagine everyone who visits here has their own cottage just over one of the hills.

  11. Shooting out of order sounds like a great idea! I know how much you enjoy making things. And I am sure you will enjoy animating a lot too. But still, you might miss making things while you are animating. So, wonderful! You would be doing both at the same time.

    Cant wait to see first animated part!


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