It's Mike Brent Day!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we pause from all the wall building excitement to bring you...

A day of TRIBUTE for one of the world's greatest people, a man who gives to each of us day after day, shares his expertise with us, offers his formidable support and encouragement for all of us here budding stop motion puppet film enthusiasts.

He is a cut above the rest, a true artist. An original, whose work will always inspire and take us all along with him to the next level with our art.

He is a deep thinker, a natural intellectual. A filmmaker with a keen sense of film's artistic, poetic potential, fond of using hot shot movement style and symbolic images to express his mystical ideas, emotions, and meaningful states of mind.

Happy Birthday, Dark Strider, we celebrate you!


  1. Hip hip....HOORAY!!

    And hopefully we'll be closing the day with a special animated tribute from Nola herself ;)

  2. Hey, that guy sounds pretty cool!

    Thanks Shellster, I'm blushin' over here in darkland.

  3. Yea! three cheers Mike.

    I know the big SIX OH has got to be a tough one, but you will get through it :-o

  4. He IS pretty cool!!! Yep!

    And Mike and I are some kind of twins we figure and exactly (well nearly) the same age. And between now and 60 there's a chance for some way meaty progress to be made on stop motion projects!!! Yay! And then who knows, maybe we'll be making films well into our 90's!! Yayer!

  5. Hey Mark... big SIX OH - how did you know how tall I am? ; )

  6. Ok, actually truth be told I'm a bit past the big six oh. It's actually the big six three.

  7. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Hello Mike, Happy Birthday. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for Shelley. She was truly lost until she found your site, your advice, your caring, your giving. What a difference you have made in her life. And now she has a Halfland activated, a blog and the tremendous support of the Magnificent Seven. And it all started with you being willing to reach out to her. So I truly honor you this day. PK

  8. Wow, thank you Paul! I never really looked at it in quite that perspective. It's been a two way street of course (well, 7 way now). Shelley has provided me with loads of inspiration and support along the way as well.

    Normally I don't make a big deal about my birthday, but I'm glad I let it out this time. You people are making it really special.


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