Stones Coming Conscious

Even the rocks are alive in Halfland.

I went looking for the Time Flies making stash and was delighted to find EVERYTHING I'll need to make killer good fly puppets already in the bag. Literally. Every aspect of 1/2L. has a labeled brown grocery bag and all the bags are each living in their own cubby hole.

Inside the Fly bag I found a little cellophane sack labeled, "Stones Coming Conscious". It held a dozen sculpted, flesh-colored clay "stones" that look as though they have human forms somewhat emerging from their rock shape, heads, shoulders, arms, spines, knees, bodies curled and crouched. I must have made these in the early oaughts.

I love the suface texture with its cracks and lichen, um, I'm lichen' the moss?


  1. I cant believe you forgot about such cool Rocks. Shel you gotta show us some pics of your Studio. WE WANNA GUIDED TOUR!

    Consider yourself Tagged!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Great rocks. Thank you so much for the visit. I absolutely LOVE your blog & the whole idea behind it! I am so glad you found me.

  3. Thanks for the interest, Ben. One day I will show some pics--the very next time someone's coming over and I'm forced to pick up the place! Right now it's looking like a junk yard.

    Rachael! This is incredible! I can't get over these Interweb Wonders. I am rightly blown away by your work, (linked in previous post comments).

    So much so, I'd like to post about it on Tuesday. Your nature sculpture work is coming from a similar realm, as it were. Where plants merge with human forms. Except you've made fine art instead of the more childlike style I'm making this in. You inspire me to explore a more stylized expression at some point.

  4. Anonymous6:10 AM

    How awesome! I am admiring you right back. I wish I had the knowledge & ability to bring to life the world inside my head the way that you are. I hope you don't mind if I link to your site for easier access.

  5. Hi Mike, filmmaker. Yeah, tres Mooresque, 'cept these are less than an inch high! (The biggest is 2cm).

    Rachael, yay! I'd be honored of course. Think I'll post you right now so people can see why I'm so impressed and inspired.

  6. HeeHee, Mine is definatley worse than yours!, I litteraly have objects doing a Pile on!


  7. hey shelley,

    just caught up on weeks and weeks of halfland progress.

    very much fun to see how you are cruizing girl!

    big love,


  8. Anonymous9:50 AM

    In hte last photo your stone looks like a man's back and his arm wrapped around his knees, his head is bent down.
    He probably is relieved to be re discovered.

  9. Thanks, Shel and Corey! I love it when you look in!

  10. So.... Henry Less then? ;)

    And I'm seeing all kinds of body parts there..... including a few naughty bits (it's probably just me). Sorry, I won't start that convo again!


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