Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something of Notes

Mostly collected from Ulla's links, I find images that are made in the exact blurry obfuscated style I hope to affect in Halfland. High key, desaturated, old lenses, dirt. Nothing straight and clear, all my hard won details semi-lost. This is what I want.
These are my most recent collected hill/landscape references.
These are the latest forest references. Both for the area around the cottage and the backgrounds.
Some further cottage details, Again from Enui's links, I found this killer great thatched cottage "face". Friend, Corey Amaro posted some incredible details of the doors and windows around her French province. Snagged and noted for the cottage details. Love the way the flowers are hung on the window shutter, upper right.
MAJOR SCORE FOR HALFLAND! Downstairs Clare seemed to be feeling a little better when I saw him Monday night at his birthday party (seen above lower left with Jean-that-goes-with-Clare that night) So today I took a big chance and brought down a scale template, plank of wood, and inspiration image down to Clare to ask him if he would consider making The Door for Rana's cottage. He said yes (!), and I saw his wheels turn right away as to how he would do it! Hooray! This is a major score for the film! Clare is an amazing artisan. I'm so pleased.
Art Bonus: Animal Pareidolia
I saved this meadow grasshopper shot for something in the future because it looked like a human wearing a grasshopper costume. Then reader, Enui, sent a couple terrific pareidolia Flickr links in the last post's comments and I found this old painted and rusted metal face that looked so similar. My first animal/found-face pairing. Love it.


  1. Very much in love with the grazing cows, and the shutter flowers (that should be a new speices of flower, I think), and the grasshopper - it's strange how human some animals can seem, and that is definitely one of them. He's about to tell you how hot he is in his mascot uniform or something. Have you ever checked out the Flickr group "Faces in Places?"

    I love your new profile pic, btw! So pretty!

  2. I hadn't seen that Flickr group, Jessica. Thank you! It's getting pretty comforting to see all the other human crazies seeing faces everywhere.

    A goodly percentage are going to LOVE Halfland!

    Thanks for the compliment, feels really nice. David chose my clothes that day.

  3. Hey cool... now that you know how you want things to end up looking you ought to start learning how to make your shots look like that.

  4. Ha, I suppose i'm not alone sfter all in seeing faces in Places!

    I cant believe you diddnt have to nag too much either to make clare do that door for you! Well Done :-)

  5. Dang! - You find the best reference material.

    How cool to learn Clare is making a door for you, glad to hear he is feeling better, I hope the desire to paint finds him again. Still waiting to see what becomes of the giant canvas stretched on his wall.

  6. Yep, Mike, I am more clear on being unclear than ever. I believe I know how to get the look I want, partly via hardware, partly via processing. A bit more color than the samples posted. Less stark and severe.

    Ben, I know! I couldn't believe he said yes! He even had further questions today and I chose the kind of wood for the planks! Gonna be great. I'll stay on top of him though, like someone should do for me!

    Marks, I know! The door is a coo! First the door, then I'll see what else I can weedle out of him for Halfland. I wished I'd thought of this before! I always invited up here to give me his ideas but that never gave him any entree to do anything as he's not the aggressive type. But this way, he has a single finite task that he can do in his sleep! He spent decades building sets for the Music Center in LA! Union grade construction! Yikes!

    I swear I'm going to throw paint on that jumbo canvas myself if he doesn't soon! Bloody ARTISTS!

  7. Awesome!! Do we get to see? (your murky photo effects, I mean)

  8. I really love those natural settings like the pics of the woods. Where can I set up my camera to get backgrounds for my kids show? ;)

    I'm with Darkstrider! Where can we see a camera test? Cause that would be cool!

  9. Finally answering the Strider, yes!!! natch. I'm still werking it all out but plan to start perimintin' asap.

    I am sorta waiting for my new animation camera, just being sorted out now, so I can work with it's lens rather than determining what I want out of an infinite field of possibility.

    Also, waiting for my magic spy glass lens to appear and cross my path.

    Mmmmm, distortion. I actually think a glass bottle will work best. Stay tuned...

    Hi Rich, no. You may not bring your naughty, naughty children's program to Halfland! We are G-rated here, except for the nudity and surreality.

    Did you spot the lady hiding behind the tree in the upper left forest shot? She says you can set up back there but if I catch you I'll have to deport you back down under :)


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