100 Days: Porch Progress

Building up Porch

Porch progress. I cut out another layer of the porch from 1/8" plywood using a utility knife (lower right).

I had a thrill when I discovered the joys of hole bits for my power drill. I had been wondering how the heck I was going to make the holes in this for the pole supports.

I screwed cross pieces through both top layers to secure it all together and then filled in any gaps with stainable wood glue, wiping away excess with damp towel (lower left).

Once dry, I darkened the whole thing with dilute cocoa brown fabric dye.


  1. Wow, I love the different tones of the pieces, looks great! Creative use of the fabric dye, avoids all the messiness of wood stains. Looks well-worn and loved, like it has a history.

  2. coolness....

    and we too just this last year started using the hole bits .

    great asset for the tool belt.


  3. Thanks, Emmy! Yeah, I find using stains either too expensive or too toxic so Rit brand fabric dye goes a long way of baskets, wood, and costumes, etc. Thanks for appreciating the subtle things.

    HI Justin! Tools rock. The set building tasks are the most challenging for me. I keep thinking I need to hire a handyman to help me carry out Shel's great suggestions and to finish the backgrounds.

    The guy I was comfortable using has moved away so now I have no ideas how to get a 100% safe person that I can afford to pay.

    Will you let me know if someone comes to mind that you know? Thanks!

  4. Tools absolutely rock! To me, tools are the best thing after having ideas. With them you give your ideas birth to reality... And the better the tools, the more precisely and more easily you can tranlate your ideas into reality...

    Sounds a bit esoterical, but I'm sure you'd know what I mean...

  5. YES! Understood, Jessica! I can't resist tools. Never thought of them the way you describe. It's a lovely point you make.

  6. *CRINGE*

    With BARE FEET!!???!!

    Cutting wood... using a utility knife... WITH BARE FEET!!!???!?!?!???

    I hope no little piggies went weee weee weee all the way home!

  7. D'uh! How u a-posed to hold 'er down, pardner? I'm very sure with a knife and am always barefooted. And scarred up to prove eet!

    You know me, no one is more neurotic and worried I'll be hurt every second of everyday. It's weird that the scenario you point out never worried me... before now! fanx!


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