Sunday, October 09, 2011

Up a Tree

One of the tasks I handled recently was something I had forgotten needed doing. Years back, I had attached all the Answer Tree's leaves with hot-glue but thought I'd get a brave volunteer to use flexible cement to hide the shiny glue and quickly sculpt more natural looking transition from branches to the stems.

After the set had been moved and fortified (!) I found it very easy to climb up there myself and swab on a mixture of paints to get the tree's taupe over the cement that had been made originally.
But as I got into it--literally-- I found that nearly every leaf stem had not been sculpted yet. So I zoned out and went to work on each stem all around the tree, from tip top to bottom.

Next I'll need to hit the new white stems with more taupe paint wash, which is thankfully very fast and forgiving work.

This job may not have mattered for long shots of the set. Heck, I hadn't even noticed it was undone. But it really is important that it be done for the close ups it'll be in behind Yanu, the moth man in the tree and other tree up-shot action.

(PS: Doesn't the sky look good (upper right)?!)

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