Opening Night

Meet the Bugs in the Band.
Made a lighted display box to display the Buggy Band mates with their instruments.

A one note at a time xylophone playing worm wearing a pink tutu.
A lumpy drum-banging spider with a bright tipped mohawk wailing on his tomato kit.
The tiny guitar playing black beetle with long antenna.
The no lady Ladybug on her fiddle head cello, keeping the beat tapping her feet on the log.
The fuzzy caterpillar blowing the twig horn, puffing out his cheeks.

This crew will play during the nighttime bug party
while the moths and caterpillars tango under the lights.


  1. Shelley, you had to put them in a cage so that they can't escape?! :)

    It looks great! My favourite details: the xylophon, the no lady Ladybug and the stage with the little wooden step!

    This is all so beautiful!

    By the way, are you ever going to share your Halfland photo recipe?

  2. Exactly! Like a cricket cage.

    Are you ready for the super secret 1/2L photo magic recipe? xoxoxo

    •Good Image
    •Dup the layer; add gaus blur to soften
    •Add layer of a worn texture; mode: screen; 100% opacity
    •Add layer; darken edges w/sepia; mode; overlay; 65% opacity
    •KEY: Use large brush at 40% opacity on eraser to remove texture & blur over image's focal areas

    Flatten when done. Use to dazzle.

    note; that the band image on this post was a variant. It had a bokeh layer added instead of a blur layer. I could have done both but this was a quickie share post, wasn't going for final art, etc.

    Let me know if you would like a link to a worn/scratch texture like the one I use. I can try to Google one down.

  3. Awesome work Shelly!


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