Where Are We?

 The soft clay sculpture for the main character, Rana reflecting on the recent relocation.

Yuji (aka moco engineer/animator Dick Kaneshiro) is here helping me build an animation stage for the Halfland sets, bless him. Photos of the insane situation he walked into and hopefully the gleaming results shortly.

Damage List:

The sky that took me two months by myself to construct is gone. Long live what I gleaned from making it and plan to make here. Far simpler, yet as layered/depth illusional.

Rana's nose smush. She'll be ok once I touch it up after I smashed it when placing back on the baker's rack used to hold the sculpts.

My inkjet printer. It survived the move fine. It didn't survive my putting it on end fully loaded with about $60 worth of fresh cartridges however. There wasn't any room to put anything and it got put on end for a while. Now I know they need to me kept flat. Seems obvious to me now. But things were crazy-ier couple weeks back.

The little iron balcony on the tiny mouse house was lost in the move, not glued on strongly enough I suspect. But the entire tiny garden with every miniscule tomato on its vine and every grain of sand seed on the split squash survived intact. Amazingly.

And I took photos of Yuji here Monday with the Lytro, put it down not in it's little box and now its AWOL.

Nothing else has been broken or lost thankfully. I plan to gut most of the 10 papier maché landscape pieces that got cut up and moved in. Just saving the scene settings on them and layering them like dirt cloths on the stage for shooting.

The other place was for Building the Sets. This place is for Filming the Animation. GOGOGO!


  1. I know the feeling moving sets from one home to another (my project in the pipe line for about 15yrs) came off lightly only a set table leg broken in the move
    Good luck with the filming GoGoGo

  2. Steven! I never knew of another nutball like me with a long term project working and moving!? Brother!

    Madness isn't it!? Will go visit your site....

  3. Nutball yes!.... my 26yr old son fondly refers to me as his nutty father he could be right.
    All my nutty things below


    Yes...complete madness but addictive

  4. Steve! Wonderful work! I love your solutions especially. You are wonderfully creative; pottery, animations, cakes, and more and more!

  5. Thanks Shelley.....I can see you have the creative bug bad...like myself.

  6. "This place is for Filming The Animation" - Yay!

    Hey, I just watched Jessica Koppe's Orpheus film Into the Dark on Vimeo - a mere 5 years in the making, hah! But it came up gorgeous. As yours will.

  7. Double Yay, Nick! So nice to see you in my new house!

    Jessica is a very good friend of mine and I'm thrilled that she managed to complete her film. Gogogogo! Jessica!

    She's a girl who can get things done! I hope to join this club by cutting down 1/2L into smaller more doable moments. At least at first.

    Yuji said yesterday that an individual can make a film, but a collaboration often makes it better.

    It's still a personal project but I need to start filming scenes right away.

    The stages he built--gorgeous!--are done and this are looking tie down ready around here. W00t!

  8. Hey, you guys are talking about me! ;)

    Shelley, I just learned that when it's the right time and we're prepared, things *will* come together. You will be filming at Halfland soon! And I'm so much looking forward to it!

    Nick, these five years felt soo long and today they don't feel like a big deal anymore… Time is such a weird thingy…

  9. Glad the damage wasn't too bad, though any amount of damage is probably more than you'd want.

    Hoping you like your new place, sounds like you do.


  10. BTW ... I like that video you uploaded a few days ago, very interesting stuff with lots of emotion. I like that about your work, everything seems to come from the heart.


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