She's So Vein

That really worked! I love the way the arteries and veins on the old goatwoman Rana's hands have come out.  The silk and painted elastic as applied on both sides of both hands on left. How these look when papered under several layers of cream washi on right.

Loads of nice wrinkles and pulsating blood in her veins visible now. Totally worth the effort to add this detail. Hands are very important and this puppet's wisdom and age are a large part of her character.

I'll next tend to her nails with layers of wood glue for a translucent, shell-like finish.


  1. Looking so good! Sheesh, looked down at my hands while typing, they look pretty similar. (Still waiting for the wisdom.) How flexible are they, can they do gestures or pick up things?

  2. Thanks sooooo much, Nick! Yes, fully positionable and pick up thingsable. It's stiffer to position than I would like, same for the face. And it is flawed in terms of keeping fleshed out in all positions. I may also have to museum wax or wire/hotglue props into the hand to keep them there during a sequence.

    But they way I'm approaching this is that whatever the puppet can do is what the animation will be limited to. Rather than having a puppet that can do anything lead the direction. Fortunately for me, 1/2L's movement can be very minimal and limited and still do what I hope.

    I'm thinking of the scenes as slightly moving illustration for the folktale stories. And I'll probably use a lot more subtle post production manipulation than I had originally gone for.

    I like this method of puppet making with the elastic glue and washi build up. I like the results. Will see how it looks in motion. A test may be in order.

    So glad you are out there.

  3. beautiful work!

  4. Don Carlson7:23 AM

    Damn effective!

    1. Thanks, Don! Acrgh, gotta get back to working on her.


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