Over My Shoulder

Just discovered FaceTime can record movies. Thought I'd show how crazy things are here with the full set up right behind me. Got everything decked out for the full Bug Party scene.

Storyboard and new puppet showcase coming soon...


  1. I can only just make out some red spots behind the fence that must be the mushrooms. Are trying to do it by looking at the little thumbnail window in the corner that FT has to show what your camera is seeing when you call someone else? Birch trees on the left, at the start of the video, looked great too. When's the party getting started? I see there is just 5% to go on the bug puppets according to your progress bars, and the bug set is 100% done.

  2. Hi you guys!!! I didn't get your comments until I just came here and saw some were made. Holy cow! What now Blogger? Will check that.

    Anyhooo!! I must update me progress bars, Nick!! Party set All done done done. All 45 bug puppets done done done!! So frickin cool and yes, I made the clip by recording FT as in a video phone call. I don't have a little camera besides the FZ50 which is devoted to shooting 1/2L.

    I figure on shooting the bug party first, just to make everything else afterward seem easy. Although, I have to say that I plan to make the animation easy for me, within what I can do, in order to make the film(s) happen. The animation may SUCK but it will be done by gum.

    Voice Over Artist coming to record the trailer script tomorrow... w00t! (she's not exactly professioal but had the voice magic I was intrigued by. Other people recognize her gift too and use her for Spanish translation recordings as she's bi-lingual.


    Thanks so much for being here! No one hardly uses blogs these days. I feel I'm the very last person to not have shifted to mobile platform. But I'd rather film 1/2L than stay on top of the CONSTANT tech changes.

    Thank you both for checking in on posts!


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