Thursday, December 15, 2016

Moving PIctures

What you see here are images taken during Eliya Eizerikova's miraculous month long visit to Halfland.
She brought herself and her talents from across the planet into my world and made it better than it ever would have been without her. She taught me so much with her numerous skills and kindness. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Where the PERFECT person arrives at the perfect time to do the perfect things in the perfect ways?! It's inexplicable.

She made easy friends with everyone, especially all our cats who will miss her signature head massages.
She was a total delight to be with. A tough, Jedi beauty whose devotion to Halfland was staggering.
Not sure I'll ever get over it.

If we never see her again, I will cry. We all would.


  1. Eliya2:48 PM

    OMG! Of course we will see each other again!!! AND so many beautiful pictures!!! I'm always behind the lens :) Thank you for EVERYTHING! And especially just for being you!

    1. Or snuggling cats! We were so busy, I couldn't think of making BTS shots to use for this moment. That's great thing I think.

      YAY, you're home safely!

      THANK YOU AGAIN! You really have taken 1/2L up to whole other levels.

      I'm stoked!

  2. what an adventure to do this, great pictures and OMG those cats! Absolutely adorable! Thanks for this peep behind the scenes, I enjoyed it a lot

    1. Hi Gee, yes! so amazing to witness it as it was happening! Thanks for watching!

  3. I can't wait for more from HALFLAND!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Victoria! Meee toooooo! I have shot a bit more and plan to post it all soon.... Thank you for watching!


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