Thursday, March 11, 2010

Geniuses, Talented, Friends

I have met the finest people here.  Many check in, many chime in, many join in, many just patiently wait. I thought I'd take the opportunity of crossing the 100 followers mark, the ones that I can see through the Blogger widget in the side bar here >, to say a big blog THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE.

Sometimes my lust and desire to work on editing/finessing all the props, settings, and puppets NOW, RIGHT NOW N_O_W!!! Gets to be dangerously overwhelming. I can only imagine the saintly patience you folks are digging in deep for as you have to wait and watch this glacier melt. THANK YOU FOR WAITING THROUGH THESE SLOW PARTS.

This is a humble tribute to you. Each one of you appreciated and important. Some absolute geniuses. Some hugely gifted with stunning talent. Many proven themselves to be true friends in my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING HALFLAND HAPPEN.


  1. Thank you too Lady!!

    inspiraton is hard to come by somtimes.....and your blog delivers regularly.


  2. What he said. ^^^ Your little space of the web is such a treat and delight. I owe you so many thanks for sharing your process :) It's super encouraging. Oh, and so is your encouragement! Thanks for that, too!

  3. Oh, and you don't have to worry about readers' patience much... I would think the audience of a stop mo blog would be just about the most patient bunch of people that could possibly be reading a blog... :)

  4. I like slow things. :)

  5. Hehe :) I am here in this picture too :)) Thank you for being such a great artist and keep inspiring me!

  6. I was the 100th wasn't I. There was 99 before I suscribed. Well done Shelley!

  7. Anonymous5:04 PM

    It is my pleasure and honor to be in this line up!! You are always an inspiration.

  8. Oh, you always respond and recognize comments left and leave me quite ashamed that I don't keep up with it nearly as well. And your work and your blog are so inspiring, interesting and great to learn from!


  9. Thanks so much my sweetheart friends.

    (no shame allowed, Jody!)

    (yes, Ben you were the 100th, well spotted!)

    update: Good progress made in window and ant departments. Not to mention Cirelle's idea today to post a board in the shop of what the remaining tasks are so we can check them off!

    Good posts coming soon.

  10. Congrats on the 100 followers mark - your site is beautiful and encouraging - a happy spot. And yes, I think stop-mo's are a patient group!

  11. Thanks, Emmy! Patience, yes!!!! I'm learning to see things on a very long scale myself now!


  12. m_) +geez. its been centuries...but I keep an eye on this ,///as I CAN!!


    have you a facebook?

    I am so proud to be a follower. This I do well.

  13. Centuries and centuries since my last post, Dan. That's incredibly nice of you to say you are proud to follow the progress here. Thank you so much!

    No Facebook. I have to stay away from it so any extra time goes to building 1/2L or posting here!

    My Flickr page, linked in the sidebar, shows my non-1/2L art activities.


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