Flash Post: Mouse House Exterior

mouse house exterior, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
This elaborate exterior landscape for the Mouse's house was entirely unplanned, FAST to make, and so charming as part of the larger set! I plan to show the details of turning dead house plants into mini olive and cherry tress, planting a mini raised bed veggie garden, and tiny roses for the bramble gate and fencing.

Exceeding fun limits over here.


  1. These pictures are making me very excited now Shelley :))
    Bravo bravo!!

  2. Hooray! Rima, from a supreme storyteller and person of magic, a living Rana herself, high praise indeed! Thank you!

  3. Wow! I'm loving the gate and arch, I'm sure it will look brilliant with all the trees and veggies! Are you still doing the balcony?

  4. HI Ben Ben, YES! Of course the balcony has wee grass on it now and is waiting for e to coil wire to finish the balcony (YOUR balcony)

    I've already started making the larger interior set for the Ben Mouse house and made several ink bottles out of beads for his wooden cabinet!

    May or may not put any on his balcony, will see.

  5. so much coolness....



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