Flash Post: Spider Lives in Attic

spider lives in attic, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
I loaded all the attic goods into the loft shelf and secured them with hot glue. I noticed that the sacks of fleece would make a good background for the Knitting Beetles. And also that there was a cozy spot behind everything where a spider could live and work. If I make twig and wire mullions in a certain way and aim a strong direct spotlight at that window. an illusion is created where it looks as though he is in a full web, half the web made from shadow. I just need to raise him up on something (here in the above mock up I'm using a lump of stuffing to test the shadow)


  1. every where you put the camera is going to have its own story...



  2. I read somewhere that all the spiders we see are probably female, because the males are much smaller and only live long enough to mate. Every time I hear someone call a spider a "he" now I want to correct them. Usually I restrain myself, but today I'm feeling weak, apparently. :) I can't wait to see the shadow web!

  3. Right on, Justin. I'm finding that too just looking around the set!

    Thessaly! That's so interesting! Maybe that's why they wrote Charlottte's Web and not Charlie's, eh?

    In any case, this spider has a mustache and goatee and a top hat so, I'm going to have plead the Halfland is not Earth defense! I don't want this spider to be female because Rana is a woman and most of the characters are as well, so too much polarity would go that way, needed a little balance. PLUS! My spiders are totally CELIBATE! (no sex for them) so this guy had no reason to die! HA!

    Maybe there is no sex in Halfland at all? Except for some of the trees, but none that you know yet!

  4. A pretty good argument for celibacy, if you're a male spider... now I'm seeing a spider Pope...

    Usually in a set, what you see on camera is what has been built - but here, I have the feeling that there really is a world around the corner, up in the attic, outside that window, just waiting with it's own stories to tell.

  5. keep that creepy legger away form that camera!! be careful Shelley. yikes.

  6. Wow, Nick! That statement of yours has to be used to describe the film when it's done! Thank you for your wonderful appraisal! I have to say as the props etc are being loaded onto the set, it really has an astonishing effect of being a real world even for me!

    I don't know whether it will come through during the shoot, but it is a 360º total immersion set with SEVEN 7! seven different environments already fully built within its main landscape:

    1. The cottage interior
    2. The stream
    3. Mushroom village
    4. the Time Frog pond
    5. The snail's macro garden area
    6. The Writing Mouse's micro chalet exterior
    7. The meadow for the Painting Chicken

    And that's not counting 8. the cottage porch and 9. Yanu's spot in the tree canopy!

    Plus, I've already compiled the materials and started roughing in the remaining three sets for the entire series;

    1. The Writing Mouse's home interior (shoebox-sized set)

    2. The Underwater Sea
    (tabletop-sized set)

    3. The Sage's desert
    (tabletop-sized set)

    I'm living with the props in place, contemplating them often, adjusting where things go, making sense of her life and the life of all her friends.

    Now if I could stop making progress long enough to post photos!


  7. Don't worry, Rich. There's zero to fear here. He doesn't bite. He just spins yarn for Rana onto spools for her to use in her art. Think of him as a good assistant!

  8. okay. phew. thanks Shelley I feel better. ;)

  9. Hey there! Just found your blog. I've been skimming through the older posts for the past hour or so, and I am astounded and inspired by all of the intricate details, all with a sense of whimsy!

  10. Ahoy! Welcome, Captain JON! So nice to have you here! I'll go check out your stuff too! woo hoo!

    Thank you for the kind words!

  11. Nick said: "Usually in a set, what you see on camera is what has been built - but here, I have the feeling that there really is a world around the corner, up in the attic, outside that window, just waiting with it's own stories to tell."

    Puppets and miniatures are 3D. Cinema is called 4D with the addition of time. Here I want to call Halfland 5D with the addition of "life" in itself. Yeah it is alive with its celibate spider and female and male trees!


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