Field Report: My Annual Spiritual Pilgrimage

Wednesday was KIT KRAFT DAY, people! you know, the one day a year I'm in the area for another reason and can actually get myself to Kit Kraftapolooza in person! Sure their website is easy to navigate and their order processing is the fastest in the business, but nothing beats spending 3 hours there, poking in every single corner, checking out the new products, picking up essentials, finding creative inspiration.

Their sales people are sincerely cheerful and utterly non-pushy. Here the fabulous Sarah rings up my order (booty). It was a lot (I opted to grab 25 lbs of Ultracal to start to make the puppets in earnest) but Mike was great as usual and made it easy for me. With all the fun bits I bought, all I could say when I got the total was that that is a LOT of fun for that money.

Owner Mike Sitkin once again kindly shipped my Christmas card collaboration package down to Mark Fullerton. Why I always happen to have that vital and timely holiday package in my hand on Kit Kraft Day I'll never know. But Mike uses his Super Shipping Chute to get Mark the Xmas materials super fast. I just subscribed to their new bad ass blog too.

Check out the very cool Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Figures and Scenes he's got. They looked really neat and the price was good too. Great to grab if you're a collector.

Thanks, Mike and crew, Hope to see you next trip!


  1. That place looks like a paradise! Nothing like poking around a craft store, ideas flowing, heart pumping. I think I'm going to have to order from their site, now!

    Also, great to hear that you're starting to move towards the puppets! Very exciting!

  2. You got it exactly, JON. I've ordered from the Kit Kraft site and the stuff was on sale and got here almost faster than if I drove out there and picked it up myself.

    Yep, puppets are LOOMING!!! Thanks for watching!

  3. I hope you get a discount - thanks to you, Kit Kraft have an international reputation!
    Just as well I can't drop in and browse the shop, I probably wouldn't get out with my wallet intact...

    So good to see those patient puppets are about to get their dose of magic dust! ('course I know it's really heaps of hard work as well as magic.) That progress chart for the set building is looking mighty impressive at 97%. There must be hundreds of individual objects in those sets, each with many stages and processes required to finish them.

  4. HI ya, Uncle Nick! (hee)

    It really is like magic dust, isn't it, you work and work but don't feel the pain of it too much and then before you know it.... stuff! Cool stuff.

    I'm so looking forward to the puppet making. It's indecent.

    And you're right! Mike should totally be paying me for these write ups! But alas, my ardor is unbesmurched with payola. It's unfettered flattery or freelance fraternizing. He did kindly give me a break on the Ultracal, but I suspect he'd do that for any faithful, deserving, puppet-making patron.

    And you're also right, you have to buy a ton in there if you got to poking around finding all the useful bits. I'd love to see what you'd make with the miniature mouldings he carries!

  5. I recognize both those peeps...

    I used to run in there every couple weeks when i worked in burbank.

    Great place and glad you had some fun in there.


  6. Hi Shelley,
    I just popped in to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    KitKraft??I will look that up, thanks!

  7. Sweet, Justin!

    Thanks, Marcie, and a very happy New Year to you and the Mr. Naturalist (I use the pods and things you sent all. the. time.)


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