Sparsely Parsley

Cirelle and I collaborated on a way to integrate grass into the cottage roof on the low side that nearly blends into the hillside, which will have matching grass planted on it. She and I got as far as cutting fitted foam core to fit the gaps left in the shingled panel and covering it with paint and a layer of dirt.

I took it from there the next day and discovered several cool 1/2L. ideas in the process. That's often the magical gift of Cirelle and the other wonderful workers that come over to contribute, they resolve a solution with me and then I'm free and clear to simply create. They get me over any inertia and confusion and keep the project moving, inch by inch.

I've given the team the holidays off and plan to resume, with my strength restored, in January. Until then I'm on my own in Halfland, wanting to go 50 directions at once with a terrible yearning.

Mark Fullerton and I are collaborating and making Xmas 2010 in the meanwhile. Woot.


  1. Whoopee the dandilions came out of hiding.
    So beautiful if I do say so myself.

  2. Yeah, I looked and looked for those dandelions and found them in the last place I looked. Hee.

    Yes! looking great, grrl!

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Absolutely beautiful! And I love the new look of your site too :0

  4. THanks, Peggy! I don't do anything to make the blog look swell because that would take build time away from 1/2L d'uh. But I did put a new stitched panorama up in the banner. It gives a pretty good impression of what it's like to look into the cottage from the front door!!


  5. Ahh! Those dandelions...actually the whole scene looks so great!
    Animate it now! haha.

  6. Welcome, Terry!!

    "Animate it now!" Is exactly what my husband says! HA!

    He's been saying it for yeeeeeeears!

    He won't read the blog until I animate anymore!

    Set's nearly done and certainly ready to begin shoot the interior scenes by March 1st!

    Thanks for stopping by to root--I mean kick my butt--to get a move on!

    That's not a bad stop mo production company name actually, Get a Move On/

    Of course, it can't be mine! :)

  7. lookin fab! Happy Holidays!!!! Hope you're taking it easy.

  8. Thanks so much, Rich!! I'm feeling a bit more rested but it might take a while still before I'm feeling sassy boots actually. Hope you're feeling fantastic!


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