Cloud Tech

A few sample dimensional cloud test shots.

In the Halfland sky there are a couple of monofiliant lines to run dimensional clouds in front of the painted versions. They can be moved along like clothes on an old fashioned clothesline via pulley. The clouds can be lit from the front or sides or behind with white or colored lights for changing time of day or type of weather. NICE!
They are made with loosely arranged polyester fiberfill encased in a skin of white tulle (sheer netting fabric) and stitched closed. They can run along the line being pushed by hand with a drinking straw embedded inside and threaded on. (An idea suggested by a workman hired to help on the set for a day several months back) Or they can be glued firmly onto a double pulley line and pulled across the sky.

On the right, a cloud is photographed behind the plastic sky scrim. I like the realistic shading this technique gives the cloud shapes and how dreamy the sheeting makes things seem.


  1. This is fantastic! The clouds look really wonderful. Such a simple but clever idea to use a drinking straw, I love little solutions like that.
    The lit cloud reminds me of the work of a Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde who creates real clouds inside buildings. He made one recently inside a little church near my home:

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful work Shelley.

    It has such a dreamy, fairy-tale quality about it.


  3. Thank you, Josje! I dearly love Mr. Smilde's clouds inside white rooms! What on earth was it like to see in person?! A wonder-full experience I bet!

    I find most talented artists right now are Dutch?! What are you people doing over there?!

    Thank you, Jeff! That's exactly what I am most going for! YAY!

  4. wow, so amazing! looks dreamy.

  5. Thank you, Heidi Ann! I'm going for dreamy exactly!


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